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Additionally, if anyone can provide answers to any of the questions listed here, you can post them too! Below is the Genital Herpes FAQ list of questions and answers you'll find a simple and easy form where you can post your question AND answers. A: If you get a positive test result, you've either had herpes, or you have a false positive test. Cold Sores + Oral Sex = Genital Herpes HSV1 Some people are unaware or in denial that cold sores on a person's lip are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1). HSV 1 antibodies If I have Hsv 1 on my mouth, and someone with hsv 1 on their mouth gives me oral sex, can I still get the same strain on my genitals? Bump before breakout I was told I have genital herpes by my doctor looking at a blister only.
Herpes on other parts of your body If my partner has genital herpes, can I get herpes on other parts of my body from him?
HPV and Herpes Hi, I went to my doctor about 2 months ago to get my IUD replaced and was informed that I had HPV. HSV 1 in genitals and mouth? Hi there, I have been positive for HSV-1 genitally for about 6 years now. Transmission What are the risks of passing herpes from infected woman to uninfected man during oral sex while NOT having an outbreak?
If I perform unprotected oral sex on my current boyfriend will I spread the virus to his genitals? Worried That I Might Have Transmitted Herpes to Myself Not rated yetIf a guy touches a girls vagina with hsv then touches his penis will it spread to him with no genital to genital contact made? Confused Guy Not rated yetI had just been told I have HSV, they did not type it(1 or). Herpes Outbreaks Not rated yetWhat is time frame of an initial out break from the time you first become infected?
Is it really a cure or a treatment? Not rated yetAfter you follow Allison's advice in her book will your test for herpes come back negative? QUESTION ABOUT GENITAL HERPES Not rated yetCan you get genital herpes from common pools or jacuzzi? Having Sex With Herpes Asymptomatic Outbreaks Not rated yetHow can you have sex if you don't know whether or not you are asymptomatic? I'm Confused and Have More Questions About Genital Herpes Not rated yetOver a year ago I had bumps on my pelvic area and had a test done for HSV. Faithfully Infected With Genital Herpes Not rated yetI've been with my girlfriend (I am male, btw) for a year now. Genital Herpes and Birth Control Not rated yetIt would be nice for women to know facts about genital herpes and birth control methods. Can I Sue My Boyfriend Because He Gave Me Genital Herpes? Not rated yetCan I sue my partner ( ex boyfriend ) for knowingly infecting me or neglecting to tell me that her had genital herpes?

Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The American Social Health Association, there will be more than 15 million new cases of sexually transmitted disease every year.
Despite of all the studies, what little is taught in health class during high school and all the efforts made by organizations focusing on sexually transmitted diseases, most people do not consider themselves to be at personal risk of contracting genital herpes. The most extensive study on the prevalence of genital herpes thus far has been The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).
A number of smaller studies using similar specialized blood tests have very comparable results in that 80% to 90% of those who have an HSV-2 infection report no history of symptoms.
Now that you know how widespread genital herpes is known to be, you should know a little more about the actual make-up of this particular virus. Once a person becomes infected with the herpes simplex virus, the virus begins replicating, invading the local nerve cells and spreading.
In the case of genital herpes, HSV resides in the sacral ganglia located near the base of the spine. Though healthcare providers can provide you with various possible options for treating the symptoms cause by a genital herpes infection, it is up to you to find what works best in your individual case. is intended to be for educational and informational purposes only! is not responsible for links or information contained in the sites we partner with and is not responsible for the information you receive from your searches. I will answer it as soon as possibleOr if you have an answer to any of the questions, it would be such a generous help to all seeking information about their genital herpes. I've been solid the whole way, and I whole heartedly believe she has been faithful as well. The common belief in any situation is that genital herpes is something that always happens to someone else. The method in the NHANES survey was to draw blood from 40,000 people who would represent a cross section of the U.S. In ongoing studies, researchers took the testing a bit further to build a profile of those who were apparently asymptomatic. In the case of oral-facial herpes, HSV resides in the trigminal ganglia near the top of the spine. For many, a simple regimen of essential oils will be enough to treat the occasional outbreak. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Une fois dans l'organisme, le virus y restera a vie et reapparaitra sous forme de "poussees".
They spent time educating the subjects using photographs to show examples of types of signs and symptoms that could be associated with genital herpes.

Once it takes hold in the human body, it invades normal cells and disrupts their usual function. In these ganglia the virus remains protected from the bodies natural immune system and is capable of returning to the active state, though it can remain inactive for varied periods of time.
Whatever the case may be, it has been proven that a stronger immune system will aide in the prevention of recurring outbreaks.
They are even more shocked to hear some of the actual facts about herpes that are so contrary to what they have assumed or learned many years ago. One of the tests employed identified the presence of herpes simplex virus type 2, the type most commonly associated with genital herpes. This educational process resulted in 62% of those who had initially reported no history of symptoms were reporting that they could now recognize some possible signs of a herpes infection.
It takes our bodies natural defenses (immune system) to build up a resistance and eliminate the virus, or in the case of genital herpes, force it into suppression. It is because of this protected state of the virus that the symptoms can be treated, but the virus remains incurable. The healthier the lifestyle you choose, the less bothersome your genital herpes infection will be. Unfortunately, herpes has found a way to persist in the body without causing symptoms this is called latency.
Even more surprising were the number of people who were HSV-2 positive that were symptom free.
It was through this study that it was found that 90% of those infected were completely unaware of their herpes status. It is believed that this dormant state is the primary cause of herpes going undetected in approximately 90% of those infected.
La transmission peut egalement se faire lors d'un contact direct avec la peau et les organes genitaux lors des rapports genito-genitaux, mais aussi oro-genitaux et ano-genitaux.
Vous l’aurez compris, cul-cul, abricot mais aussi saucisse contre saucisse peuvent etre des moyens de contamination. Les contacts directs avec la peau et les muqueuses lors des relations sexuelles sont responsables de la transmission du virus. La contamination se fait le plus souvent en ayant des rapports sexuels avec une personne porteuse du virus.

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