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Patients prescribed Vyloma? by a doctor in Canada are eligible to receive up to a $100 rebate.
External genital warts (EGW) are visible bumps or blemishes on the skin of the genital area that can be itchy and painful, and are often present without any symptoms. Vyloma® is a prescription cream (3.75% imiquimod) that can be prescribed by a doctor in Canada for treatment of external genital warts. If you think you may be at risk to have contracted genital warts, consult your physician immediately. External genital warts are visible bumps or blemishes on the skin, often found near the anus or genital areas, and are often present without any symptoms. Vyloma® is the commercial name of an imiquimod medication, and it must be prescribed by a doctor and then purchased at a pharmacy.
Vyloma® is a prescription medical product (3.75% imiquimod) that will resemble a mousse if prescribed the pump form, or a cream if prescribed the individual packets. External genital warts are almost always transmitted by sexual relations (anal, vaginal, oral). HPV is a virus that lives as a parasite within the human body, and does not actually kill cells.
Learning about the possibility external genital warts and HPV can be embarrassing and put stress on lives and relationships.
Statistics reveal that genital warts are increasingly common and affect as many as one-third of young women in Canada.
Did you know: 75% of Canada’s population lives within 150 kilometers of our southern border.

At Jail Medicine we discuss all aspects of medicines practiced in today's jails, prisons and juvenile facilities. Rhabdomyolysis is one of those diseases, like acute alcohol withdrawal, that I have seen much more commonly in my jails than I ever did when I worked in the emergency department. Rhabdomyolysis occurs when skeletal muscle cells die and rupture, releasing the protein myoglobin into the blood stream. This entry was posted in Jail culture, Medical Practice on June 28, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD. This entry was posted in Drug Evaluations, Jail culture, Urology and tagged correctional medicine, inmate games, inmates, jail medicine, jails, oxybutynin, pharmacy practice, prisons on June 23, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD. In all cases, the provider ONLY can apply the topical treatment.  What is the protocol to treat genital warts?
Condylomata acuminata (genital warts) is,of course, a sexually transmitted disease caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This entry was posted in Dermatology, Medical Practice and tagged correctional medicine, Genital wart, jail medicine, jails, prisons on June 18, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD. This entry was posted in Dermatology and tagged Athlete's foot, Autoeczematization, correctional medicine, dermatitis, eczema, Id reaction, jail medicine, jails, prisons, Rash, Tinia on June 11, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD. One of the many things that make correctional medicine different from “outside” medicine is that we in correctional medicine have to say “No” a lot.  Doctors on the outside do not say “No” very often because they must keep their customers (I mean patients) happy or the patients will find themselves a new doctor. This entry was posted in Inmate issues, Practice Management and tagged correctional medicine, inmates, jail medicine, jails, prisons on June 6, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD. If genital warts are small, they may resolve on their own with time.  However, if they are large or there are multiple lesions, treatment may be needed.

Ask your doctor for a "Vyloma? $100 Rebate Card", and present it to your pharmacist with a valid Vyloma? prescription. It works by stimulating your body’s immune system to speed up its natural immunity process. Some everyday blemishes can resemble genital warts, so in the face of doubt it’s important to get checked quickly.
They can also, however, be transmitted by simple sexual contacts even if no penetration occurs (skin to vaginal region, penile region, anal region, etc.). It’s possible that the genital warts caused by the virus will disappear, but the virus often continues to live inside the cells of the genital area and anus. It’s caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections today. This once-daily cream can eliminate symptoms with one treatment that lasts up to 8 weeks, ultimately to fight the virus that causes external genital warts at the surface level of the genital area and anus. Most people who contract genital warts become infected by sexual contact with a person who is not showing any signs or symptoms of the virus and both parties may be unaware. Condoms can, if used correctly, reduce the risk of sexual contact, but do not completely eliminate the risk of transmission. Usually, genital warts and the symptoms they cause disappear once the body is able to create an immune response, but this can take from months to over one year.

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