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Herpes is a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) that results in the manifestation of symptoms consisting of blisters that are painful. Herpes outbreak usually begins when the person gets infected by the virus by contact with oral secretions or the entrance of the virus to sores or break in the skin. The viral infection easily spreads because the infected person does not know that they have herpes.
The moment that one contracted the virus, it may stay dormant in the body where it stays there inactive. The initial symptom of the viral infection manifest as blisters that breaks out to the surface of the skin. In certain instances, the symptoms of herpes in females can be mistaken as vaginal yeast infection or other forms of bacterial infection. There are different tests that a professional health provider can do in order to obtain the proper diagnosis for your condition.
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Sandy, I can relate to what you are saying and that is the worst part about herpes, you never know when they are going to show up. When I feel that tingling numb feeling coming on is there anything I can do to stop the outbreak?? Herpes viruses have been around for thousands of years and are the third most common kinds of viruses behind colds and the flu. In people with depressed immune systems, HSV1 can cause esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), and pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs). These two viruses are thought to cause relatively mild human disease compared to the others.

Treatment of herpes often involves antiviral drugs that interrupt cell replication at different viral life cycle stages. My granddaughter only 5 years has a light fever every day of 100.5, when medicine is given she is okay for the rest of the day, then she complained of her mouth paining her.
About 8 out of 10 infected individuals are unaware that they are carriers of the virus because they have no symptoms. It produces a raw and painful scabbing from the sores that form and may heal for over a week. Aside from the symptoms, the presence of the herpes virus can be accurately confirmed by laboratory screenings like PRC blood test and cell culture. The gold standard of treatment is to control the outbreak and keep the virus dormant in the body.
They come in the form of topical creams or lotion that can be applied to the sores and blisters to relieve the discomforts of pain and tingling sensation. The word herpes comes from the Greek for “creep,” so named for sores that seem to crawl over the skin. Once an HSV1 infection takes hold, it will usually pass in time but rarely fully clears the body. While both the simplex viruses can cause both cold sores and genital sores, most often HSV1 is the cause of cold sores and HSV2 affects the genitals. Only to see a few mouth blisters inside her mouth, Doctor confirms it Herpes Simplex Virus.
The infection is easily transmitted through direct contact and can easily spread from one person to another. The virus may remain dormant in the body, but are usually triggered by certain conditions that cause the viral outbreak. Whenever certain conditions activate the virus, it travels to the nerve path and reaches the surface of the skin where the symptom begins to manifest and the herpes outbreak begins.
Once the sores begin to show, the infected person may experience chills, fever and flu-like symptoms.
Diagnosing herpes among pregnant women is also important because the virus can easily be passed on to the fetus during delivery. The blood test will indicate the presence of the herpes simplex virus even without any apparent symptom. However, the sores may clear within a few weeks, even without treatment, but there are remedies that you can use in order to prevent the herpes outbreak. Herbal cures are also available, such as olive oil, ice pack, baking soda, tea tree oil and the medicinal plant called Echinacea that is known for its anti-viral properties. These microscopic infectious agents use the mechanisms of living cells to replicate copies of themselves in plants, animals, or bacteria.
HSV2 is also the main cause of neonatal herpes, a potentially devastating disease that can affect the face, eyes, mouth, skin, and internal organs of newborn babies born to HSV2 infected mothers. It’s usually a childhood disease although adults who didn’t have it as children can also get it. We know this because random testing of donated blood finds antibodies against CMV in about two thirds of samples. In addition, Kaposi’s sarcoma may occur in people with cancer, those being treated for cancer, and those taking strong immunosuppressant drugs.

We’ll have more to say about the connection between herpesvirus and chronic Lyme Disease in a subsequent post.
You may send this to your friends and family, but please do not republish it in any form, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from us. The symptoms may begin to become apparent within weeks or months from the time that the virus becomes active. Seeing a medical practitioner immediately when the symptoms begin to manifest is important to learn about the course of the disease and to prevent the spread of infection. You may find the need to consult your doctor immediately once your symptoms continue to recur and the symptoms becoming more severe. The disease is so dreadful in infants and the infection is so common in women (1 in 5 American women carry the herpes virus) that HSV2 is one of the routine, mandatory tests that expectant mothers take. Epstein-Barr virus also cause swelling of the spleen, which makes that organ more prone to rupture. In otherwise healthy people with intact immune systems, CMV doesn’t usually cause many noticeable problems (other than a “mono” type of disease in some people). In almost every case, roseola infantum causes a fever lasting about three days followed by a diffuse rash, both of which go away soon after without problem. HHV-8 does not cause significant or noticeable disease in people with healthy immune systems.
But the main objective of treatment is controlling the occurrence of its symptoms using various forms of treatment and other natural cures that will cause the virus to live dormant in the body and prevent recurrences. Both of these types are highly contagious and differ in the modes of transmitting the infection.
In some people with a strong immune system, the outbreak may occur years after the infection. Once the virus surfaces on the skin, it can easily multiply and spread to the other parts of the body, causing blisters formation.
A cell culture is usually undertaken by taking a sample of the cells from the sores and the virus is identified under the microscope.
However, cytomegalovirus can be particularly destructive in two groups of people, newborns and people with weak immune systems. The type 1 HSV is transmitted through contact with the oral secretion while the type 2 HSV is transmitted during sexual activities, either genital or anal routes. However, the virus isn’t permanently gone but rather retreats to lie dormant in a large bundle of nerves called a ganglion. In severe cases, babies born with CMV can experience hearing loss, vision loss, and mental retardation.
In some people who’ve had VZV, it can reactivate later in life, traveling down the nerve from the ganglion to erupt on the skin as exquisitely painful blisters.
Since nerves leaving the ganglion supply a small strip of skin on one side of the body, the lesion forms a wedge-shape that resembles a shingle (hence the name shingles).
A vaccine against VZV has greatly reduced the number of cases of chickenpox in children and to some extent of shingles in adults.

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