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Cold sores or fever blisters are a small blister caused by a virus called herpes, which you’ve likely heard of. Maddie was a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired her caregivers to start a charitable foundation, Maddie's Fund®, in her name.
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An individual finds great level of difficulty in drinking or eating due to presence of sores in the mouth, which are quite painful and discomforting. Rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash would help in killing bacteria inside the mouth, thus helping to treat the problem soon and in an effective manner. There are various kinds of over-the-counter topical creams which help in speeding up the healing process of mouth sores.
In case of persistent mouth sores, the doctor may suggest the ingestion of certain oral supplements and medicines.
Further, the doctor also prescribes certain nutritional supplements, basically consisting of zinc, folic acid and vitamin B12 to boost up the immune system of an individual.

A mix of baking soda, salt and lukewarm water is regarded to be a very good mouth rinse for people suffering from mouth sores. Last, but not the least, it is strongly recommended to keep the mouth properly hydrated by drinking lot of water. Orabase, amlexanox and fluocinonide are considered to be quite successful with respect to treatment of mouth ulcers.
The mouth should be rinsed with this solution after every meal, to attain effective results.
A general way of softening the bristles is to soak them in warm water before the brushing process.
The hydration level of the mouth would be improved with the help of intake of around eight glasses of water every day, subsequently helping to hasten the healing process of mouth ulcers.
In this article, we shall discuss about a few effective ways of getting rid of mouth sores.
Also, an individual would feel a reduction in pain due to regularly rinsing the mouth with a prescribed mouthwash.
It is suggested to seek the advice of the doctor before using these creams, to avoid any kind of complication.

In such a case, the doctor prescribes some medicines, which need to be taken on regular basis for a few days to deal with the pain and discomfort caused due to mouth ulcers. Holding the solution in mouth for a few seconds, before spitting it out, would help in speeding up the treatment of mouth sores. Also you should be very gentle while brushing the teeth, so that the bristles do not scrape the affected area of mouth. The mouthwash should be used as per the directions of the doctor in order to avoid unnecessary side effects. In case, the process of brushing is still painful, it is suggested to make use of foam based mouth swabs for cleaning the teeth.

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