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For the study, researchers collected bits of healthy-looking coral from a reef near Heron Island in Queensland, Australia, where recent bouts of warm temperatures, heavy rainfall, and high exposure to sunlight had the coral especially stressed out.
Last year, NOAA declared that the world was now experiencing its third global coral bleaching event, the last two being in 1998 and again in 2010. But then again, anyone who’s ever suffered from cold sores (aka oral herpes) coulda told you that.
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Also, ask the vet about treating the eye with neosporin instead of terramycin and the drops - neosporin is painless. Some cats' eyes get so sensitive they cannot tolerate anything and have to use oral antibiotics. All my kitties get it on the water, and one of them, my herpes kitty, get a daily dose on his wet food.
A video surveillance camera captured images of the suspect and his car, a dark four-door Chevrolet. And according to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology, this and other viral infections on the reef might become more common as climate change ups the ecosystem’s stress levels.

The current event began in the northern Pacific Ocean in 2014, moved south during 2015, and may continue into this year, NOAA officials said. They have all completed 10 days of oral clavamox and had been on lysine (although I have been a little lax giving the lysine in the last week since they are 95% better). Some eye ointments and drops should never ever be used if the cornea is scratched or ulcered. About the L-Lysine: This is the one I get It is a tasteless powder, and you can mix it right on their water and wet food, so there is no reason to stress them. It was the best decision we ever made - and we wish we'd done it a lot sooner, because her energy levels went up about a million percent.) for you and kitty! I had already promised to be better with the lysine after my appointment today (and just gave it to them before I checked the computer!). You can use a few pieces of dry kibble, some kitty treats, or something like cheese if you've got a cheesemeister on your hands. She had a terrible conjunctivitis that was so severe, she couldn't open her eye for 10 days. Herpes kitties should be on L-Lysine for life on a maintenance dose, and double of that dose during a flare up. She doesn't mind taking oral meds (when I hide it in food), the biggest problem is the eye drops. During those ten days I had given her eye drops and ointments (terramycin, gentamycin, gent with steroid) etc.

I have thought about enucleation and am not opposed to it in the future if the vet doesn't think she will have sight and the ulcers persist and the vet feels it is indicated. She used to be sweet and loving, now she was afraid to go near me, since 3-4 times a day I was cleaning and putting stuff in her eye. She is, unfortunately, the most high strung kitten in the litter and really hated being medicated. I don't think more oral antibiotics will help, I think it is more of a viral process causing the problems and not as much a bacterial process, but there may be a part of bacterial superinfection. I stopped medicating her since I feared her eye was relatively hopeless, but her personality was still being formed. However, she has a lot of scarring on the eye and continues to have some discharge and squiniting.
He recommended I start medicating her with the same antibiotic drops again (that didn't help before).
What is worse, medicating her and making this high strung, fragile 7 week old kitten miserable and hate humans or doing nothing to a serious and painful eye infection? She is much happier and more loving since I have been medicating her sporadically over the last 10 days.

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