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Individuals infected with gonorrhea are not eligible to donate blood until one year after ending treatment. Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted disease that usually responds to a simple, straightforward treatment plan. The geographical location of the patient is one variable that determines which antibiotic therapy is appropriate for gonorrhea treatment. Gonorrhea bacteria can infect different parts of the body, including the rectum, the throat, the penis, and the female reproductive system.
Does this mean that gonorrhea symptoms can result after oral sex if one of the sex partners has this condition?

They finally decided to have fertility tests done, and they learned that he was not able to have kids. While we were there, we did way too much partying, and some of the guys I was with went way overboard.
I think many people assume that oral sex is much safer than traditional sex, especially for the receiver of oral sex. To make a long story short, some of them got wasted and drove to the seedier side of town where they hooked up with some prostitutes. They had oral sex performed on them and a couple of the guys did not use condoms. They were surprised when they later went to the doctor and were told that the symptoms they were experiencing were being caused by gonorrhea.

As this article says, the gonorrhea treatment was straightforward and simple, but those guys were really embarrassed, and we still remind them of that trip even today.

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