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There are many ways we can be more efficient in how we use energy while still meeting all our energy needs. Here are some general recommendations that have little or no extra cost and can save considerable amounts of energy. The Green Home Programme works by offering advice and support to homeowners on how to improve their environmental behaviour with regard to 4 main environmental themes: waste, water, energy and transport. EnergySolve are one of the premier installers of External Wall Insulation Systems in Ireland. External Wall Insulation Systems are an extremely effective method of improving the energy efficiency of your home and increasing the capital value of the home itself. External Wall Insulation involves fixing insulating materials such as mineral wool or expanded polystyrene slabs to the outer surface of the wall. Externally insulating your home results in a sustained positive environmental impact for you and your community.
There is substantial (up to €4,000) worth of Grant Finance available for external insulation works.

There is little or no disturbance to the occupants and the possible additional cost of temporary re-housing is avoided. In a complex building, it is comparatively easier to ensure that the whole of the external surface is insulated. The whole wall structure is protected so external surfaces are prevented from receiving further deterioration by being exposed to the weather.
The external appearance is improved markedly and whole estates of sub-standard dwellings can undergo a remarkable face-lift with all its consequent social and political benefits.
It is a cladding system for exterior walls that is light weight, flexible, dynamic and extremely durable.
External wall insulation is a significant upgrade to the structure of your home and consequently imposes significant cost. We’d like you to choose us to help you make a lasting environmental difference in world we live in. You can expect to see a commensurate appreciable increase in the value of your home through External Wall Insulation Systems.

Finally, the whole building obtains an additional structural protection which may significantly increase its expected life.
SAVING ENERGY With natural gas prices predicted to skyrocket this winter, now is a good time to schedule your home for a checkup. A steel or fibreglass mesh is embedded in this render to provide strength and impact resistance. There is a significant selection of colours and finishes to choose from.
Remember, not only does it make your home more energy efficient; it also gives you a completely new external wall. From the best location for your altar to the altar colours, materials and images, it is al here for you.
Many households with income from farms, offices, factories and other workplaces receive this assistance that helps with space heating and electricity costs.

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