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The ingredients of safoof-e-Mughaliz improve the digestive system, increase the production of blood in the body and bring serenity and self confidence in temperament. 5 grams (one teaspoonful) with milk in the morning and in the evening or as directed by the physicain.
The use of Majoon Dabeed-ul-Ward is helpful in treating the inflammation and weakness of the liver, stomach and the uterus.
Tonic for heart,brain,ophthalmia,Normalizes high blood pressure,Effective flu,dyspnoea,asthma.

Children (above 10 yaers) : one tablet, Adults (above 12 years) two tablets twice a day after meals. Rheum emodi and Potassium nitrate restore the functioning of liver by enhancing immune system. Also produces vigor, vitality and virility by strengthening the nerves.Nocturnal emission (wet dream) and spermatorrhoea makes semen thin as well as causes sexual physical and muscular weakness. Effective in flu, dyspnoea and asthma.Effective combination of Silk Cocoon with other important herbs for strengthening vital organs.

Silk cocoon has been found beneficial scientifically in activating the functioning of heart, brain and nerves.
While working out the formula of safoof-e-Mughliz, Qarshi R & D closely studied the causes and effects of the thinness of seminal fluid and included such ingredients in the drug that thicken the semen and restore the lost energy.

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