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Farming Guides for all Town Hall levels including different video strategies for how to be cost effective with your farming.
A series of random fun attacks including mass unit attacks or weird and wonderful videos that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.
All the latest news and updates to do with Clash of Clans including new units and buildings updates. Guides on everything TH1 to TH7 including how to level most efficiently and when to progress to the next level.
Welcome to the first episode of Chucky’s TH9 clan war strategy guide where we will, over the coming days, collect together a large and vibrant library of 3 star clan war attacks by TH9s against other TH9s. In Episode One we focused on different Lava Hound orientated attacks and touched upon Logowiwi and the strategy behind back-end loons.
In Clash of Clans the Healer is the only support unit that does no damage, but instead heals your other troops.

The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to Healers. Integer faucibus, felis nec lobortis hendrerit, augue mi mattis massa, vitae lobortis neque nunc ut eros. In each episode, we will watch three of the best attacks from the latest Pyramidion Clan War and discuss the strategy behind them. It shows three LavaLoon attacks at TH9 level all gaining 3 stars through careful planning and avoidance of the Air Sweeper.
We have everything here from Gowiwi and Gowipe guides to mass witch attacks and farming guides. Giants can withstand a large amount of damage and with your Healers restoring their hit points will withstand huge amounts of damage.
Hopefully we will amass a large collection of different TH9 attacks and by the end of the series, be able to refer to an attack plan for almost any base.

Naturally, because it does no damage, a lot of people are underestimating just how dangerous the Air Sweeper can be and are launching their attacks regardless of its position. You should aim to take out air defenses before deploying your healers, or at least any air defenses in the deployment area. You should also note that as healers cannot do any damage, the attack will be over if you only have healers left.

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