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Are you watch the Other Episode?, Click here~,You will be choose the other episode list below. After the dust has settled from a generally disastrous political situation, Queen Sim (played byJang Hee-jin) ends up ha…..
Sanbangsan (???) is the major tourist landmark in Andeok, a huge mountain visible from just about anywhere in the ….. Some new dramas are or will shortly be available to us and the next batch of upcoming ones is in the making.

Smoking declined to less than 40 percent of the adult male population for the first time last year. An increasing number of elderly people are preparing for their own funerals to spare their children the cost and headach…..
There is this evil Dowager Empress Lu who wants to have portion for long and everlasting life.
Liu Xuan is the hero who is placed as her right hand man to protect the Liu clan, who has set up the Han Dynasty.

The evil Dowager Empress has set Liu Xuan against his brother Liu Xiang, who is not so smart.

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