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A few weeks ago I wrote another column about Harry Jerusalim, the man who claims to have “healing powers” in his hands. I neither advocated nor promoted his practices and I explained his practices and I explained several times that his claims have no known scientific basis. Again, I emphasize that proven medical techniques and practices should always be tried first. If the doctor, chiropractor, psychologist or whoever is treating the patient then says that there is nothing else to be done, then one of these non-medical, non-scientific “healers” might be considered. The patient would have nothing to lose, again, as long as not a lot of money changes hands.
Those of you who have been reading my columns for the last eight years know that I believe that the mind if a very powerful thing and has tremendous healing powers.
I wrote that I would not give out his address (I heard that he had moved away form Richmond Hill) unless he contacted me with permission to do so. Last week he phoned me and told me he would be thrilled if I would do so, and he insisted on giving me his phone number also.

Here it is and I regret that I cannot give this information out any longer, so please write down if you think you have any use for it. Remember, I don’t advocate this type of “healing” but it is my duty to bring this information to my readers. The specially-formulated B1 patch effectively replenishes the vital Thiamine lost when you consume alcohol. ABOUT B1: The specially-formulated B1 patch effectively replenishes the vital Thiamine lost when you consume alcohol.
BE RESPONSIBLE: The B1 patch does not reverse or prevent sensory impairment in the operation of vehicles or machinery after the consumption of alcohol.
My regular readers will remember the series of articles I wrote about this man and this “phenomenon” last year. Jerusalim make and I went into a bit of detail regarding their theories and explanations regarding their “magic powers”. Jerusalim wrote to me several times and expressed his desire to heal people, free of any charge.

If traditional medical care does not have an answer for their problem, and a “healer” like Mr. We work "by appointment only", although emergency patients are often fit into our schedule as required.
By enhancing and restoring your body’s natural defense system, B1 reduces the physical side-effects of drinking. Jerusalim could offer a bit of relief, even if it was just a psychological boost and no great sums of money were spent in this pursuit of better health, then I could not and would not argue. We will not turn away an "emergency patient" without an appointment, however, in order to minimize the inconvenience to other scheduled patients, please call our office to find the best time to attend the office.

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