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Known as the Goddess of healers, poets, smiths, childbirth and inspiration, fire and hearth, Brighid is the classic Celtic Triple Goddess. Brighid is the Daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha D? Danann, Brighid one of the more universal deities of the pagan Gaelic world.
Brighid is possibly one of the most important goddess in British and Irish history but like most deities much of her history has been lost since most of the information about her was passed on through oral tradition.
Brighid is the Goddess of healing, craft (predominantly smith crafts) and poetry, and wisdom. Brighid is the goddess of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions such as high-rising flames, highlands, hill-forts and upland areas; and of activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated, such as wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship (especially blacksmithing), healing ability, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare. Brighid is a Fire Goddess and as Brighid’s Cross is in the form of a solar wheel she may also be a Sun Goddess. This entry was posted in Gods and Goddessess, Imbolc and tagged Brigid, Brigidine Sisters, christian faith, Christianity, dagda, Esoteric and Occult, God, goddess brighid, goddess of fertility, goddess of fire, home and hearth, Imbolc, irish history, oral tradition, Pagan, paganism, pagans and christians, Priestess, Religion and Spirituality, Triple Goddess, Tuatha D? Danann. Wendy West is an educator, healer, and business-woman who began her life of service at fourteen when she started working with children beset by cerebral palsy. An inveterate world traveler, she has worked in rural development and family planning programs in Brazil and Mexico, done social work with African refugees and Romani people in Spain, and volunteered among the street children of Sao Paulo’s infamous favelas in Brazil. Based on her experience with both traditional therapy and alternative techniques, she developed an integrative, holistic approach to her practice.
Wendy West was inspired to found Healers West in 2007 as a way to create a unified global network of healers and to provide an educational community resource for expanding public awareness of complementary and alternative therapies as related to integrative medicine. This morning, we had a lively interactive presentation on use of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) as developed by Gary Craig. In this morning's circle, Penny introduced the idea of poetry as a form of energy healing, sharing some of its uses and history. This morning, we were treated to an exploration of the Tarot, presented by Zorina Wolf, who has been using the Tarot for over 30 years, both for herself and doing readings for others.

This morning, we gathered at a lovely outdoor labyrinth near Sequim to experience a session of Healing with Play led by Mary Alice Long. For this month's evening gathering, we had a special treat - watching Tom Kenyon's intriguing and insightful movie "Song of the New Earth" on the home theater screen at Rena Raymond's home. In the living traditions, whether seen as goddess or saint, she is largely associated with the home and hearth and is a favourite of both Pagans and Christians. Legend says that when Brighid was born, a tower of flame reaching from the top of her head to the heavens.
A political activist during her college years, her activism led to work in rehabilitating juvenile offenders in the court’s Pre-Trial Diversion Program and later as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Informed by an interest in transpersonal psychology and quantum physics, Wendy’s perspective is also drawn from her experiences with cultural anthropology and working with indigenous peoples. Zorina explained the minor arcana, with 4 'suits' corresponding to the 4 elements (fire, water, air and earth), and gave us an introduction to the significance of the different numbered cards. Charlie helped the group convert the outcomes to the appropriate hexagrams and everyone heard their corresponding reading.
Blessed with sunlight and warmth, we danced and told our stories, laughed and formed spontaneous multi-person montages. Included were almost 2 hours of extras from Tom, including portions of his CDs of the songs of Mary Magdalen, chants of Buddhist nuns in a remote monastery in Tibet, and some meditation music. Brighid may have been a priestess of Brighid and through a blending of pagan Christian beliefs that the cult of Brighid was absorbed into the Christian faith and the role of priestess became the role of a nun. Her birth, which took place at sunrise, is rumoured to have given the family house the appearance of being on fire. When Christianity spread throughout Ireland, the Goddess was so engrained in the Irish people that they couldn’t eradicate her, therefore she became a Saint. Following college, Wendy worked with refugees from El Salvador and Vietnam while serving as an in home trainer for the Refugee Women’s Program.

Rose then led the entire group in a sequence of voice-guided tapping to release the emotional stresses related to these issues.
It is believed that nineteen priestesses tended the eternal flame of Brighid at the place now known as Kildare. In the 6th century, a monastery was built on the same sight where the Priestesses kept vigil at the Fire Temple. Because we often share same or similar challenges, we all benefit from this kind of group tapping.Our thanks to Rose for sharing her knowledge of EFT in this interesting group experience. As with last month's readings from the I Ching, these readings fit the situation, decisions and dilemmas facing these 2 women in their lives.Although there was only time for a short taste of the Tarot, Zorina left each of us hungry for more. The original monastery no longer exists but a new Cathedral was built on the site during the 13th century.
On February 1, 1807 Daniel Delany, Bishop of Kildare, began the restoration of the Sisterhood of St. Their mission was to restore the ancient order and bring back the legacy and spirit of this amazing figure. In 1993, Brighid?s perpetual flame was finally re-kindled in Kildare?s Market Square by Mary Teresa Cullen, who at that time was the leader of the Brigidine Sisters. The sacred flame was kept by the Brigidine Sisters in their home and on February 1, 2006, the flame was brought back to the centre of the Market Square where it has been permanently housed in a large glass enclosed vessel.

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