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As an ordained Nithya Spiritual Healer, quite often I’ve been asked the science of energy healing and the difference between pranic healing and spiritual healing.
All emotions, both good and bad, are nothing but the effect of the engraved memories (samskaras) which we have accumulated in the past.
If an emotion is handled properly, the corresponding chakra functions well, expanding to the size of even a cartwheel! Eastern medicine and healing processes have traditionally taken a holistic approach to health and healing.
The findings of modern science stand testimony to the famous words of scientist and mystic Albert Einstein – ‘Everything is Energy’. Energy healing involves a range of energy frequencies which fall into two broad categories – pranic and spiritual.
We all have a highly subtle energy center which governs the flow of spiritual energy into our system. Entanglement is the principle behind all processes involving energy transfer, whether spiritual healing, Kundalini awakening, levitation, teleportation or materialization. In essence, the spiritual healing is far more than just clearing energy blockages in the body-mind system.
Teo Siew Yong draws from over a decade's worth of experience in the Vedic healing arts of Yoga and Mediation to share the sacred knowledge and experiences of self healing and self discovery with people who are ready to look within. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged Ananda Gandha chakra, Chakras, energy healing, engraved memories, enlightenment, entanglement, entrainment, Nithya Spiritual Healer, pranic healing, samskaras, science of energy healing, spirital healing.
Siew Yong (Ma Nithya Durgananda) is a featured author for “Conscious Business” in the best selling Adventures In Manifesting series along side with contributing thought leaders like Chris Farrell, Vishen Lakhiani Scott DeMoulin and many more.
FREE ConsultationFREE 10-min no-obligation call to understand your requirement and see if I can help you and if you are suitable for a personalized programme which I am offering.
Energy healing is simple, natural, and free, and is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the dogs you love. Energy Healing for Dogs may open a new path for many readers, the path that leads us right to our hands and hearts and the marvelous capabilities we all possess. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning how to connect with their animals in a profoundly moving way.
PLEASE NOTE: For orders shipped outside the United States and Canada, please contact us for a shipping price. When you are carrying too many negative samskaras, naturally the energy flow in the body will not be smooth.
If the emotion is not handled properly, the corresponding chakra shrinks to the size of even a coat button, which causes low energy in the system.
When we flood awareness on the chakra, it is washed clean of negative emotions, and we start radiating positive emotions like love and compassion.
Energy healing, in particular, is a system of healing that treats our body, mind, emotions, thoughts and even our physical environment as unique energy vibrations from a common source. Almost everybody these days has either heard of or encountered energy healing in some form or other.

The same thought was declared more than 5000 years ago in the Sanskrit text, Isha Vasya Upanishad –‘Isha vasyam idam sarvam yat kincha jagatyaam jagat’ (whatever exists in and as this world is Divine energy). But what we specifically call as energy healing today is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that treats the body-mind as an energetic continuum.
Healing that uses pranic energy draws from the inexhaustible reservoir of the universal life-force, channeling it into the diseased body to facilitate healing. Like electricity, it can do enormous good in the right hands, but if both healer and receiver are not well-protected, or if it is not channelled in the right way, this same energy can do great harm. Neither healer nor recipient is required to do anything except enter into restful awareness and allow the cosmic energy to heal.
Although it is commonly known as a chakra, it might be better described as the point where all 7 chakras collapse at the moment of dissolution of the personal identity. Although it is theoretically possible to open it through self-effort, the process would be about as easy as trying to dig an oil well using a spoon! It means that the state and actions of one of these particles can influence the state and actions of the other through the process of interference. An enlightened being has the power to raise others into his own elevated state by the subtle pressure of his presence.
Youa€™ll get clear explanations backed by scientific studies, step-by-step exercises, and plenty of photographs. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click on the Adobe Reader image below to download the free program. In particular, samskaras block the energy centers (chakras) causing physical and mental disturbances.
Keeping the chakras clean and energized is essential not only for our physical health, but for our mental and emotional well-being, and spiritual growth as well. The basic understanding on which all systems of energy healing work is the universal nature of energy, and the possibility for local and non-local transmission of this energy to facilitate healing. In fact, most of us practice energy healing on ourselves or others without being aware of it.
Whatever we see, touch or otherwise contact in our universe is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. It is not rare to hear of healers contracting the same disease that they are healing their patients of, or of ‘parasite’ receivers who continue to suck and drain the healer’s energy long after the healing session is over.
However, while it is possible to sensitize oneself to grosser vibrations like life-energy through practice, the subtle spiritual energy can be channelled only by an advanced being who resonates at the same frequency.
Initiation is a deeply mystical yet scientific process by which this energy center of an aspiring spiritual healer is opened by the master using a subtle but enormously powerful energy ‘drill’, and working from the inside outwards. When the mind of the receiver comes in touch with the no-mind (thought-free mind) of such a realised being, a process similar to entanglement happens, and thoughts subside in the mind of the receiver. It works by stimulating the bodya€™s natural ability to heal itself, and can assist dogs in resolving a myriad of physical, emotional, and even mental issues. With a bit of practice, you will soon be channeling life force energy through your hands to dogs.

Several factors like childhood problems, societal conditioning, improper habits, physical and emotional injuries, or even just lack of attention, affect the energy flow through the chakras. When you gently rub a bruised elbow, or place your palms on your tired eyes, you are actually practicing energy healing! Trees, rocks, plants, animals and ourselves – all are nothing but diverse expressions of this energy. All physical or mental tension is an indication that there is a blockage in the energy flow in our bio-energetic system.
Since it is intelligent, it cannot be manipulated by us to the extent that we manipulate life-force energy. That is why initiation by an enlightened master becomes essential on the path of spiritual energy healing.
Once initiated, the healer becomes an open channel for the healing spiritual vibrations of the master. Entanglement happens when the receiver is mentally in tune with the source and is open to receiving the energy as during spiritual healing. Energy healing will not cause harm, has no side effects, and can be used in conjunction with other holistic therapies or conventional medical treatments. Energy healing is nothing but channelling the universal life-force to correct energy imbalances in our system which are the hidden cause of most of our diseases.
Sometimes, merely clearing these blockages is enough; the body’s natural healing abilities take care of restoring the affected part to health. When entanglement happens at the deeper level of muscle-memory, Paramahamsa Nithyananda coins a new term ‘Entrainment’. Done on a regular basis, this safe, effective practice can help to keep dogs healthy and well-balanced. There is an entire chapter dedicated to commonly asked questions, and another on do-it-yourself energy experiments you can try right away. What we see is just the effect and so we never really understand this mind-body connection. During Kundalini awakening, entanglement can happen irrespective of the mental state of the receiver.
When a particular chakra gets blocked, the part of the body near that chakra gets affected.
The same basic emotion plays as anger and fear, the same emotion plays as desire and guilt. If we can understand these seven emotions, we can handle the whole spectrum of emotions that happens in us.

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