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Healing Touch is a bio-field, energy therapy that uses gentle, non-invasive hands-on touch and energy techniques to clear, balance and align the energy field to promote optimum health and well-being. In a typical Healing Touch session, while fully clothed and either lying down or seated in a chair, a session will begin with an intake from which intentions and treatment goals are established. A hand scan is done over the physical body in the energy field to assess the energy field and the chakras, or energy centers, are checked to determine if they are open or compromised. Based on the intake and the mutual intentions set, the practitioner will use appropriate energy techniques to clear, balance and align the energy field. Post treatment, a second scan of the energy field is done to check for changes to the field.
Sessions are documented and often suggestions for post treatment self-care are offered, including referrals to other specialized practitioners as appropriate. During the course of the past few weeks my team and I at Healing Touch Chiropractic, West Fargo, ND, have been celebrating the power of love.
The festivities included a wide variety of activities for the adults and children of our practice.  However, one activity in particular was more powerful than even we could have imagined.

And because of a simple promotion in the office, individuals were able to take those one word descriptions of chiropractic’s impact on their life, and in a sentence or two share how truly life-changing their regular visits have really been. It’s inspiring and motivating for my team and I to hear those we serve share about the benefits of chiropractic in such an eloquent and heartfelt way.  Isn’t it amazing how a few simple words can touch your heart so profoundly?  You see, we’re extremely passionate about transforming lives, and it’s such a great feeling to know that we are. This entry was posted in Chiropractic and tagged Family, Health, Moms, Shesays, Variety by Dr. After the treatments I always feel immediate positive emotional benefits and I find I sleep much better. Reiki, Reflexology for Feet and Hands, Crystal healing, Auriculartherapy for the ear and Meditation all address many different areas requiring treatment.
Enlightened Touch Healing combines many modalities to find the right combination or approach for your problem or issue. Reflexology stimulates reflex points on the hands and feet that together form a mini map of the body. A beautiful and sublime release and sequel to the hit ‘Ascension’ which started Clifford’s career 25 years ago.

If you would like to be kept informed on Clifford's new music releases, concert performances, video productions and other news, please subscribe below. After all, there’s no better month than February to spread affection, hugs, kisses and appreciation to all the special people in your life. Plants, animals, humans, bacteria, chemical reactions, all exhibit changes of behaviour when exposed to different colours.
She has a gift of ‘knowing’ any worries you have and can help to rebalance your energy flows. She is also sensitive to chocolate and caffeine and she has now eliminated chocolate from her diet and drinks only decaffeinated coffee.

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