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Alzheimers is a progressive disease that results in memory loss, thinking ability and behavior. An increasing population of elderly people means that Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple over the next 50 years. Although no placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded trials have been conducted on the cannabis plant toA provide evidence that cannabis use definitely improves symptoms for patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, there is increasing evidence to show that cannabinoids have the potential to protect the destruction of neurons through processes that neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation and improve function of mitochondria. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana which appears to be beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients.
A team from Neuroscience Research Australia have been researching whether or not one of the 85 active ingredients in cannabis, called cannabidiol, could reverse some of the symptoms of memory loss in animals. Tim Karl, a senior research scientist from NRA said that cannabidiol does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC, but it has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other effects that could be beneficial for the brain.

In conclusion,A  research thus far shows promise that cannabis can halt the progression of Alzheimers more effectively and lead to a better of quality of life for patients, although more research needs to be undertaken in the future.
They are a rich source of lipids and fatty acids and the therapeutic activity of the plants are attributed to these groups of chemicals. Ingredients: 100% pure calaguala rhizome (Polypodium leucotomos) and samambaia rhizome and leaf (Polypodium decumanum). Contraindications: Reports indicate that these plants may enhance the effects of the heart drug digitalis (a medication commonly used to increase the force of heart contractions in those diagnosed with certain heart conditions). Current treatments cannot cure Alzheimers, all they can do is improve the quality of life for patients and slow down progression of the disease.
The results of a recent study, published in PubMed, shows that marijuana contains a compound with properties that address memory problems and the brain plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is therefore contraindicated in combination with digitalis, and persons with any heart condition should seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner prior to using this product. Usually sufferers live for an average of 8 years after their symptoms become noticeable to others. Typically drugs such as Donepezil are prescribed for Alzheimer’s patients, however this comes with side effects such as seizures and is said to be in the same class of chemicals as certain pesticides and agents such as nerve gas. This is a wild harvested product—grown naturally in the Amazon rainforest without any pesticides or fertilizers.

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