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Herbs that are specific to fight inflammation and infection are your first choices in making a first aid salve for your livestock.  Herbs like balm of gilead, pine, willow, St. To make the salve, gather all these infused oils or infuse the oil yourself as needed from dried plant materials.  You can purchase these herbs as dried herbs, at Mountain Rose Herbs, if you are unable to grow them yourself. Simmer all ingredients in a sauce pan, just until bees wax and coconut oil is melted.  Add 1 tsp. If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own herbal salve you can purchase the one that I make here. To celebrate the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, Farming First has curated a list of 13 inspiring stories of women’s empowerment as heads of rural family farms, from our 130+ supporter organisation base.
Veronica Sianchenga was one of the first in her village to buy the Mosi-o-Tunya, a locally manufactured treadle pump developed by iDE Zambia in response to the needs of local customers.
IFDC has been active in Bangladesh for over 35 years – assisting farmers to increase productivity, advocating for enabling policy environments and introducing new productivity-enhancing technologies such as fertilizer deep placement.
TechnoServe is helping a group of Guatemalan women to harvest, process and commercialize Ramon nut food products. FANRPAN‘s Women Accessing Realigned Markets (WARM) Project seeks to strengthen women farmers’ ability to advocate for appropriate agricultural policies and programmes.
Twenty-eight-year-old Carolyn Lunani farms four acres of land, where she plants beans, peanuts, bananas, sweet potatoes, trees and other vegetables. In South Asia, 90 percent of smallholder farmers using fertilizer do not achieve optimum crop yields due to a lack of access to soil testing services. Before joining Farm Africa’s project in Tigray, Zemansh and her family had no assets or resources and worked as labourers to get some money to buy food.

Filmed at COP19, held in Warsaw in 2013, Susan Carlson, Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the World Farmers Organisation explains how women farmers can be a part of the solution for both food security and climate change, if they are given equal access to knowledge and technologies.
Mariam Kamo inherited a large cocoa plot when her husband died , and manages it with her tw sons. Lucy Muchoki of the Pan African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium owns a business in Nairobi, Kenya and engages women’s co-operatives to grow the raw crops she needs to process the herbal products she sells. Farming First partnered with FAO to raise awareness of the gender gap in agriculture, and the impact that closing that gap would have. This endeavour, which enjoys support of the Ministry of forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC), is helping bail the people out5 of penury. According to statistics of the district project office, farmers have cultivated at least 10 kinds of herbs in some 1,500 hectares in Jumla. Now that we have taken to herb farming, we hope to get a better return," says kali bahadur Thapa of Patmara VDC. 130,000.0 The profit motivated them and they planted herbs in some 300 hectares in their village. Making rich product with nice packaging and encouraging thousands of farmer in Nepal could lift life style of Nepal Villagers. We have not discover better hemp fibre, hemp oil and many other things which we can sell directly in national and international market. Johns Wort, Calendula, comfrey, rose, and arnica can be combined in olive olive to make a healing salve for mild skin abrasions and to fight infection and inflammation.  Add to this tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil for their antibiotic effect. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa, only 15% of landholders are women, and they receive less than 10% of credit and 7% of extension services. Policies that address gender inequalities could lift 150 million people out of hunger.

It costs less than imported pumps and produces a higher output because it was designed for the specific local topography of rural Zambia. Now, IFDC’s focus reaches beyond rice production to fruit and vegetable crops – an area deemed to be almost exclusively the domain of women. In 2009, she joined One Acre Fund, who provide farmers with a service bundle that includes seed and fertilizer, credit, training, and market facilitation. Biolands Intl., Africa’s largest exporter of organic cocoa, has been working with smallholder farmers in the Mbeya region since 1999, providing training, technical advice, supplies of seedlings and pruning equipment. On top of it, commercial farming of herbs has helped conserve medicinal plants that were in peril in the wild, thanks to unabated collection that was going on till 2005. Taking a leaf from Jumla, the MoFSC plans to expand the herb farming project in 11 districts of four zones in three phases by 2014. With the extra profits she has earned since joining One Acre Fund, Carolyn has bought a cow and constructed additional rooms on her land that she rents. The edicinal plants are in high demand in the international market and fetch good price too, says Laxmi Chandra Mahat, district project faciliator for the herb farming project. The reality is also that Banking are not willing to lend sizable amount of loan to farmers; the reason why?, they don't have much return in their products. There are hell of things to look at by the government of Nepal, Nepal bankers and financial institutions.

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