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Brain fog, attention deficit disorder ADD, PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders ADHD, anxiety panic attack, chronic nervous tension, sleeplessness, hyperactivity, hyper mental activity, sugar cravings, always feeling cold or having cold hands, Reynaud’s Phenomenon and general nervousness are problems generally related to energy availability in the body.
They are all made worse by stress and modern day malnourishment through habitually poor food choices. Brain fog, anxiety, panic attack and all of the other problems mentioned above are becoming very, very commonplace in our modern developing world. An extreme case would be a soldier in battle in a constant state of tension due to justifiable fear.
From these and other effects, simple deduction suggests that the Stomach and Spleen functions have significant bearing on the health of the nerves when they are affected by the stress creating the conditions that would provoke brain fog, anxiety, panic attack and general nervousness, nervous tension and the other very similar related conditions. This section discusses the far reaching effects of stress and how it consumes the body’s energies to produce brain fog, anxiety, panic attack and several other related problems. Note: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD (where do they keep coming up with these meaningless and complicated names for an otherwise simple problem) is included in what is being explained here. Whether it is a car accident, a loss of a loved one or experiences on a battle field; the body can only react in a finite set of ways, in varying degrees of intensity. In order to understand brain fog, anxiety, panic attack, ADD, feeling cold, craving sugar and so on it is important to understand the effects of stress. The exact same principle can be applied to the internal organs of living beings that are overworked. People can understand that if they work too hard they get tired but, few can conceptualize that every organ individually, if over-worked can also become tired from having been aggressively called upon to compensate for the circumstances we find ourselves in. As a basic principle – in order for anything to be able to work, it must have energy. A lacking in energy among the organs can best be compared to the despair of being starved among a community of workers. It should also be remembered that many people eat poorly and in their attempts to satisfy their energy needs they may instinctively over eat because the organs that deal with food also regulate appetite and can trigger hunger. The Spleen in addition to being the converter of the finer digested matter into blood is also the body’s furnace and the source of bodily electricity which all organs need to function properly. By depleting the spleen the energy required for the activities of life is being under-produced. Brain fog, anxiety panic attack, sleeplessness, nervous tension, hyper mental activity, sugar cravings, always feeling cold or having cold hands are born out of the impaired bodily functions mentioned above brought about by the circumstances of modern life.
These problems can also occur while very young so most people who have these stress related problems think that they are getting senile while still in their twenties. When adults eat improperly the effects are bad enough but, when children are not fed properly the effects are far more devastating. The presence of these symptoms are distinct and separate from those caused by a simple spleen depletion.
What is being made here is NOT, I Repeat NOT Absinthe – Absinthe is a liqueur made by an entirely different process. There is also another possible way of producing racing mental activity, brain fog or anxiety panic attack. Cleaning up the diet is essential and virtually a free long term solution to these problems.
This Link takes you to an article relating to how the organs are affected by Stress and the effects they specifically produce. The following lists separate the effect of stress on the mental and emotional faculties and on the physical body. Brain Fog, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, Stress and Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Fibromyalgia are not different problems. Stress, Brain Fog, Perpetual Nervousness, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Sleeplessness, Hyperactivity, Hyper Mental Activity, Sugar Cravings and Even Reynaud’s Phenomenon (cold hands) are related symptoms tied to a similar cause.
Food itself does not cause any of these problems but, should the food being eaten be of continuously poor quality, the resulting weaknesses can make a person more susceptible to stress and what is associated with it.
They are not ailments but the effects of organ imbalances that in time can and do become ailments.
It would not be unreasonable to presume that if there is a digestive organ depletion that it not affect the entire body because being the source of the body’s blood production that maintains the entire body how could it not affect the entire body at once. Few consider that the nerves are a dependent organ system fed by the digestive process through specific organs. Most people when they feel tense, nervous, stressed or upset often feel the pressure of that strain in their Stomach area. There is much truth to the statement that over 80% of ailments are attributable to, or are aggravated by stress. The name just sounds a little fancy but there are only so many possibilities for any particular problem.

The intensity of fear, which is just another word for stress, has a very standard modus operandai.
Abnormal body chemistry from stress is a fact that cannot be denied but, it is only the after-effect of the organs fatigue not the cause of the problem itself.
We feel it emotionally due to emotional strain or, mentally due to intellectual strain but in addition, these two produce physically manifesting conditions as well. When someone is stressed their body’s ability to produce, store and distribute the necessary energy to properly function has become impaired.
The organs that initially transform this energy into a usable substance for the body are the stomach assisted by the Spleen. Over a prolonged period in this stateA  the kidneys and the adrenal glands in particular become exhausted. Some believe hunger to be strictly of neurological origin but, in herbalism it is considered to be organ related. It is therefore easier, simpler and more efficient to control appetite from here rather than altering the brain functions themselves.
This forces the body to make a choice – whether to use these vital energies to maintain the main physical body functions or to keep our faculties fully sharp and keen. In Traditional Herbal theory the nerves are maintained by the stomach and spleen making them the center of the nervous system.
The fancier terms used to describe this grouping of problems are attention deficit disorder ADD, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders ADHD, anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder. A good remedy for parasites would be beneficial and may or may not require the use of Exstressor – most likely not. The strength of the infusion and dosage depends on whether a child or an adult will be taking it. These can be brought about by the narcotizing effect of having various toxins in the blood stream.
Many people already being incredibly tired by the demands of a stressful life find themselves incredibly fatigued for the reasons explained above. People struggling to make a living have little time or energy to think about Health, let alone matters of the Spirit. This is common in North America where the foods generally eaten are the foods most heavily marketed more than those foods that are more sensible and nutritious. In this case they are bringing about all of these problems, brain fog, no matter what other name it may be called by, being a major mental handicap from it. The Stomach, as the central organ of digestion, not only extracts what would become blood but also what is much finer that feeds all the nerves. According to traditional herbal theory, the nerves are fed by the Stomach assisted by Spleen functions. This article links and explains some of these relationships from the natural point of view. In other words, stress, is stress, is stress; it only varies in its intensity but the effects are always the same or at least have the same pattern. Every physical organ as well as our emotional and mental faculties need energy to function.
Naturally, these organs have different functions but their functions compliment each other.
This is the most often mentioned fact of stress but, it is just part of the problem that under normal circumstance even has benefit were it not for the depletions mentioned above. In herbalism the brain is regarded more as a relay, a connector between all body parts – a coordinator of all bodily activity keeping all parts communicating with each other. They have a hard time remembering what they had just said or did just a few minutes earlier. The spleen is also sometimes overworked satisfying the bodies sometimes abnormally high energy demands due to stress and gets depleted. These toxins should normally be eliminated by the digestive and eliminatory organs but when the energy is low these organs find it difficult to completely remove the wastes from the blood. Alcohol, caffeine, opiates, heavy meats and sauces, preservatives, sulfur bases preservatives, or similar substances in the blood stream all have well known effects.
They, in a desperate attempt to function normally, use stimulants to take them through the day but rather than strengthen their nerves stimulants ultimately further depletes them.
Balancing the blood’s electrolytes using a simple colloidal mineral on a short term basis can help to restore the balance quicker. If this function is compromised, it stands to reason that all bodily systems will be affected. When it does, it is not uncommon for people to get diarrhea or even vomit from extreme nervous tension.

Yet, because their organs are functioning at less than optimum levels, it results in impaired digestion and elimination.
It has an area allocated for every body part within it but it does not and cannot rule over the organs – the heart does this. The energy is carried by the blood to the rest of the body and especially the other internal organs.
The energy required for thinking becomes less abundant – Brain fog and the other symptoms sets in.
Of course, whatever feeds and supports the Spleen and Stomach back into normal functions will of course work the quickest.
That post traumatic stress disorder PTSD is rampant among military personnel is not a surprise. Our digestive processes turn food into blood which feeds the entire body through the bloodstream.
The body does this to free itself to better cope with the strain of whatever the person is experiencing. Wastes stay in the blood stream displacing oxygen, contributing to general and perpetual tiredness, fibromyalgia, bloating, brain fog, and a myriad of other seemingly unrelated problems.
The brain is like a coordinating central government that tracks activity and sends messages, while the organs are a very free regional government that makes local decisions while closely interacting with the other organs – the Heart being their King and ruler. And,A conversely why, because of its need for energy the body at times creates a sugar craving.
The body realizing its dilemma starts to panic (thoughts race, anxiety, panic attacks start, the heart palpitates, etc.) as what it needs to properly maintain its nerves and blood is also in short supply.
When the body is stressed and needs this reserve energy substance it is taken into the blood from its storage place. Their undigested fats in the bloodstream are better known as cholesterol – thickening the blood. While our energy reserves are full we can cope with situations more in stride and with greater resilience, but if we are already tired or strained, the same situations are much more taxing. If this process becomes impaired or otherwise inhibited every organ also suffers due to lack of energy. Because of the lack of energy, any activity becomes an a€?overworka€™ situation because there is too much to do and not enough energy to do it with, setting in panic in some.
Therefore as previously mentioned, since the stomach and spleen are dealing with food they affect appetite and cravings since the conversion of this food into sugars (glycogen) takes place here then they are also responsible for sugar cravings. This is important because it explains why so many of those who are stressed also feel lethargic, tired and cold in addition to having brain fog, ADD, ADHD, etc.
This weakens the nerves and in due time their capacity to relay electricity become burdened. Or they haven’t eaten proper food in so long that their organs could not produce enough useable energy and the organs strained to sustain them to the point of depletion. The infusion removes most of the alcohol and the final infusion needs to be stored in the refrigerator.
Just like a fraction of a degree in temperature deviations from normal body temperature will affect the body – the body will notice even minor changes in the bloods viscosity. The do not contain energy, they instead make the body consume the already diminished supply ofA energy in the body at a faster rate. And, it follows that to help control a sugar cravings or the appetite it is important to support the stomach and spleen. Some artificial female hormones thicken the blood to produce blood clots, cysts and tumors. If not brought back into equilibrium this cycle continues weakening the organism and quality of life of the individual. And in addition the adrenals have become exhausted by their constant energy drain due to over-activity – the brain fog can become even worse. In years past people would go to sanitariums for proper rest to recuperate form this condition. When the body becomes incapable of disposing of these substances the effect can understandably be mental and emotional as well as physical.
Producing PMS, post partum issues as well as brain fog, racing thoughts anxiety panic attack and so on.

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