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The non toxic nature of Chinese herbal medicine has contributed to its popularity over time. As the names suggest this Chinese herbal formula has been construed to provide relief from various stress related emotions with anxiety being one of the major ones along with restlessness, anger and depression. The traditional formula Ding Xin Wan which is Heart Stabilizing Pills forms the basis for Calm Spirit. This is one of the oldest Chinese herbal formulas prescribed for the purpose of providing relief against irritability, anxiety and insomnia. The herbal formula is made using Semen Zizyphi Spinosae, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis, Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis and Sclerotium Poriae Cocos Pararadicis.
A Chinese herbal formula that has been used to provide relief against anxiety, depression, nervous exhaustion, phobia and palpitations.  Furthermore the same herbal formula is prescribed as a treatment for chronic fatigue, chronic viral syndromes, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. On May 23, 2014, Manalapan health Examiner Stacey Chillemi, a reviewer for The Complete Herbal Guide just tried Herb Pharm's newly launched herbal supplement Anxiety Soother produced in capsule form.
Why should people take anxiety seriously and treat it with a safe and homeopathic treatment like Anxiety Soother? In the last decade, the interest in Alternative Medicine has increased to the point that 38% of American adults use some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine. Passionflower: Native Americans knew this secret hundreds of years ago, and today, many European herbalists prescribe Passion Flower for insomnia, nervous anxiety and relief of pain and neuralgia. Ashwagandha: The herb acts as an overall tonic and works to stimulate the immune system and improving mental clarity.
Anxiety Soother came quickly, packaged well and what a difference from any other products and medicines I tried before.
Stacey ChillemiManalapan Health ExaminerStacey Chillemi has written more than 20 books on a wide variety of subjects, from the challenges of living with epilepsy, positive thinking, alternative medicine, health, creative writing, and poetry. Anxiety is the poor or bad condition of mood that comes from physical tension and it can appeared due to worry about daily life and fear about the future.
St John Wort is a common pasture plant with a bare trunk and yellow flowers, used as a medicine for sprains, strains and bruises. Skullcap is a blue flower medicinal herb that can be easily grown in ordinary garden soil from May to August. Find out about the different herbal remedies that have been prescribed by Chinese medicine.Anxiety is a problem that is generally very hard to diagnose and modern medicine has failed to provide a viable and safe solution to this problem.

This is especially true in current times where people are looking to avoid chemical medicines in order to be free from the risks of developing harmful side effects. Chinese medicine diagnosis this as heart yin deficiency and Calm Spirit has the power to replenish this deficiency. The herbal formula has sedative properties which do not only enable you to sleep at night but also prevent day time agitation, palpitations and anxiety attacks.
The cause of such disorders are attributed to heart, liver and blood deficiencies and the Zizyphus formula helps to replenish this depleted energy.
The formula makes use of the classic combination of Ginseng and longan along with which it has astragalus, polygala and vladimiria souliei. Because Herb Pharm developed, a natural supplement naturally blended with herbs to help alleviate occasional and mild anxiety. Natural anxiety and depression treatments like herbal medicine, in which parts of a plant and minerals are used worldwide to treat health problems and it has become an increasingly popular way to manage anxiety and depression.
Passionflower is a very gentle (but effective) herbal sedative that has a depressant effect on the central nervous system. Her interests include creativity, meaning, of life, purpose, health and her passion for alternative medicine. It is also used for sleep disturbances, impaired concentration and to treat muscular spasms. It is mainly used for fighting anxiety, building bones, fighting osteoporosis, boosting immune system and calming hyperactive children. It is a mild relaxing agent and is helpful in balancing hormones and menstrual cycles in women. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. On the other hand Chinese herbal medicines have proven to be very effective for treating anxiety.
There are a number of Chinese herbal medicines that have been developed for the purpose of treating anxiety and are readily available in the market today. This same medicine is used for the purpose of treating insomnia, excessive sweating and memory related problems that occur due to stress. The herbs used in this product include biota seeds, polygala roots, zizyphus seed, white peony root, ophiopogon tuber and codonsopsis root. Schizandra dreams is also used to help in the case of substance withdrawal and can also help against sleep apnea. The herbal supplements that are blended in Anxiety Soother are highly recognized and used for anxiety management, sleep disorders, depression, calming, and relaxing the body.

Sometimes the anxiety dominates the person’s thinking so much that it obstructs with the functioning of daily life including the personal life and social activities. After crushing a flower bud, you will find the ingredients like hypericin, hyperforin, flavanols and xanthones. Lavender flowers are added to tea to reduce nervousness and it even has a pleasing fragrance. It is the best herb that can be used to cure nerve disorders and headache caused due to continuous coughing.
This balm is an alternative medicine for insomnia, stomach-related problems, relieving nerves and menstrual cramps, depression and hyperthyroidism.
The Chinese have made use of them for centuries but today they are becoming an alternative source of medicine on a global level.
It is made using Schizandra fruit, mandarin essential oil, amber resin, oyster shell and valerian extract. Some of the common anxiety symptoms are – chest pain, back pain, allergy problems, exhaustion, decrease or increase in body temperature, excessive sweating and headache.
The leaves of this herb are added to tea which is good for headache, fever and severe cold. Instead, they are grasping and utilizing the notion of natural remedies to treat common problems. Kava Kava is a mild, but effective, sedative that induces physical and mental relaxation and helps to reduce anxiety without dulling the mind.
You can use herbal remedies to combat anxiety symptoms that is even safe and effective to use. Chamomile tea is used to comfort and cure the symptoms of arthritis, stiffness and rheumatism.
It prevents the formation of blood clots which improves the flow of blood and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and various other diseases. For ages, modern medicine has been well aware that antibiotics strip the body of healthy flora and fauna known as Probiotics and healthy bacteria, leaving people feeling drowsy, fatigued, weak and prone to allergies and further viruses.
Kava Kava stimulates the entire nervous system and promotes physical flexibility and structural alignment by influencing the motor units of the nervous system.

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