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With 2.3 million acupuncture treatments carried out each year, traditional acupuncture is one of the most practised, complimentary therapies in the UK. Jo is always happy to talk and share her knowledge, please call for a FREE preliminary phone conversation with Jo on 07914 851995. Jo George, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, is based at our Health Clinic in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Jo specialises in individualised, tailored treatments for a wide range of health conditions, using evidence-based clinical research. Jo has also written a number of helpful articles (available on this website) over the years which have received extensive local and national media coverage. Women receiving Chinese herbal medicine are twice as likely to get pregnant than those receiving Western medical fertility treatment, according to new research. While standard treatment options for back pain include rest, long-term medication and surgery, there are many holistic alternatives that can help to alleviate pain. Chinese herbal medicine has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities and can reduce pain to the same degree as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications (NSAIDs).

People experiencing low back pain who choose acupuncture as a therapy option often report reduced pain and improvements in functional ability after the first few treatments.
Acupuncture & Massage College’s Community Clinic offers acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions as well as for overall wellness. Its an ideal opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel she can help you. She is a fully registered member of the BacC, which is the leading regulatory body of acupuncture in the UK. According to the National Institutes of Health, back pain is the second most common neurological disorder in the United States, following headaches.
And unlike medication, which is aimed at symptom management only, herbal medicine and acupuncture can address the underlying cause of the condition. A pain reliever, an antispasmodic and a sedative may all be included in a typical herbal formula created by a medical herbalist. Acupuncture reduces pain by acting on pain generation and transmission and processing of pain signals.

Jo is a highly-trained medical practitioner with over 14 years of knowledge and experience in Eastern and Western medicines including extensive training in China, Australia and the UK. A large proportion of individuals with back pain use complementary and alternative medicine therapies, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture. For information about AMC’s Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy programs ask for Joe Calareso, Admissions Director. Acupuncture , heat , electrical stimulation channels of energy , body's internal organs, correct imbalances digestion, absorption, and energy production activities, circulation of their energy .
Specialization, Materia Medica, internal medicine, diagnosis , examine, refer ,investigations .health shops, pharmacies, prescription, complex remedies, labelled ,individualized ,mental, migraines, asthma, eczema, hay fever, glandular fever, chronic fatigue syndrome.
Free-radical, toxin-, inflammatory, degenerative diseases, Nutrients, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids.

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