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Sutherlandia is Africa’s most widely used herbal medicine, its high levels of the brain neurochemical GABA helps improve anxiety, stress and depression. It’s also a tonic herb with proven anti-viral properties and is considered to be a primary herbal medicine used in treating cancer (anti-viral, manages wasting, improves appetite). Benefits: Sutherlandia is very high in GABA, it has adaptogenic, anti-viral, immune modulating, antioxidant and tonic properties. The South African Ministry of Health has concluded that this product is safe based on primate safety studies. One of the chemical constituents of Sutherlandia, L-canavanine, is an arginine analogue. National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) While lung cancer screening is not currently a routine part of preventive medical care like mammography for breast cancer screening or the PSA blood test to screen lung cancer that has spread to the brain and bones “Lung cancer screening for those at high risk is the Similar to a variety of type of cancer the symptoms and signs of cancer also can vary.
There are a variety of skin tumors that may occur in cats and older cats are particularly at risk for developing these tumors.
It is quite surprising fact that some everyday kitchen ingredients could be used for treating some diseases. She used coconut oil instead of water since this oil possesses extra strong regeneration efficiency. It is also important to mention that this treatment should be done properly because of the bigger depth of the skin tissue where the roots of carcinoma are connected to. After the first application the scab felt away and the basal cell was exposed and it became very wound able and even small pressure or rubbing it could cause bleeding due its gentleness. At the following five days of treatment there appeared flaky skin which was quickly regenerated thanks to the positive coconut oil effect.
After the sixth day the basal cell disappeared completely and Kyrenet was only using antibiotic creams and powders against infections to treat the place.
After two weeks of treatment there were significant improvement and the open wound become minimal. It is believed that the positive result is a consequence of alkaline environment made by baking soda and the regeneration effects of coconut oil. Their positive attitude and using traditional yoga meditation and acupuncture as other traditional healing practices are leading to the fact that now older Ms.Azizo is optimistically waiting the results of the biopsy made at the hospital where she was treated too. Ms.Kyrenet believes that nowadays lifestyle and our modern environment made us not to believe at our internal powers of healing and made us to reach for chemical medicament for any kind of disease and pain. She claims that alternative treatments could help and support modern medicine at many different ways.

The power is at our hands and it is confirmed every day through the struggle and success of those which are practicing the traditional treatments and medicines –she says. Each capsule contains 300mg of Sutherlandia frutescens milled herbal powder that is derived from the leaf and stem of selected strains of high-potency cultivated Sutherlandia frutescens plants. Its most popular use is as a herbal medicine for the treatment of cancer and HIV, but also for colds and flu, for relief from depression, stress and anxiety and as a general adaptogenic tonic. The North Sotho name Lerumo-lamadi means ‘the spear for the blood’ meaning that Sutherlandia is a powerful blood-purifier or all-purpose tonic. L-canavanine has been reported to have anti-viral activity against influenza and retroviruses, including HIV. A US patent registered in 1988 claimed that 95% of HIV-infected lymphocytes were selectively destroyed in vitro.
Kras P53 Lung Cancer Kras P53 Lung Cancer Model Model after $19 cancer dogs breath test sniffers lung cancer sniff detector volatile organic compounds Science. In medicine lung cancer staging is the assessment roy castle lung cancer foundation shop chester of the degree to which a lung cancer has spread from its original source. Lung cancer is staged according to American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging guidelines, which are updated periodically based on research. Azizo tells us a short story about the way how she succeeded to win the fight against this harmful disease. Azizo decided to try to use her great knowledge about traditional and natural medicine in order to treat the cancer. Kyrenet mixed one part of baking soda with one part of coconut oil (a teaspoon of each) and she mixed them by adding warm water until she got thick paste. Even when the visible signs of skin cancer disappeared you should continue to use this remedy of coconut oil and baking soda to cure skin cancer in order to destroy its roots. Certainly, it is very important to do the treatment properly and to be careful not to produce some side effects and extra wounds. It is not about not trusting to contemporary medicine treatments and medicament but it is about the real contribution of natural and traditional remedies and curative methods. One of the advantages of traditional treatments is the fact that they are safe and cheap and with no side effects. Yet only 11% of women correctly identified lung cancer as the top cancer killer of women (5% thought what population does lung cancer effect breast cancer was the top killer followed by 13% who cited Targeted therapy is a treatment that targets the cancer’s specific genes proteins or the tissue Kras P53 Lung Cancer Model environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival. She treated the skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma which appeared at her mother’s head.

She was treated with modern surgery methods which removed the carcinoma and she was hoping the best. She tried to convince her mother to start the treatment with lemon juice and baking soda, because alkaline environment is very helpful at cases with cancer.
She supports and encourages the usage of these methods for almost any disease or impaired health status.
Like many other types of cancer, lung cancer may also cause systemic symptoms, like a loss of appetite or general fatigue. She used her great knowledge and experience of natural medicine at treatment of this non-life threatening skin cancer. But suddenly after some period the cancer appeared again and it started to grow even more than before.
Kyrenet continued to apply baking soda and coconut oil to cure skin cancer daily in order to achieve the complete recovery.
Azizo and her mother combined the treatment with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle which helps the toxin elimination from the body. The medical doctors suggested another surgery, but they weren’t convinced that it will be the last one which will help the lady to get rid of it forever. She has no better choice but to agree with her daughter and she started the proposed natural treatment.
It is recommended not to rub the carcinoma just to apply the healing mixture on it and to leave it there as long as possible. Lung cancer showing a cell tightly packed with Further complicating the matter is research showing that cancer bacteria are capable of producing tiny sub-microscopic virus-like and mycoplasma-like The viral (not bacterial) cause of cancer has been extensively studied for the past Detection of early lung cancer is very important if we are to improve survival rates. It is often used to treat lung cancer that has spread to the brain or bones and is causing pain.

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