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ZEAL SF Liquefies thick viscid mucus, Facilitates Expectoration, Relieves respiratory congestion, Relieves bronchial spasm. Over the counterCovonia herbal mucus cough syrupCovonia herbal mucus cough syrup contains three active ingredients, ipecacuanha liquid extract, liquorice liquid extract and squill. Buy Herbal Medicine, Qarshi Tayyabi Hamdard,Taryaq-E-Nazla (Khameera Khashkhash Khas) Qarshi - GoodHakeem !

Free from sugar, so very useful for diabetic patients, calorie conscious patients, post surgery cases, pediatric patients; to prevent harmful effect of sugar on teeth of pediatric patients and any other cases where sugar intake is limited.
Khashkhas musaffa is used in preparation of Taryaq-e-Nazla because of its astringent, soothing and sedative properties.

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