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But you say, “I have this book that says the research shows…” In almost all cases, herbal medicine books offer very little proof that an herb works. But you say, “This herb has been shown to kill cancer.” Lots of chemicals (including herbals) have been shown to kill cancer cells – in a petri dish! In medicine, we are still learning how the immune system works and how the body repairs itself.
My Answer: If someone tells you this, they are usually lying (either on purpose to sell you something, or because they are misinformed).
Statement: You sound very negative about herbal medicines, but you say you tell you patients to use them.
Other reasons for herbs apparent lack of effectiveness in some studies is dosage, and method of delivery. Many herbalists are trained in low-tech but sophisticated Asian diagnostic methods of tongue, face, urine, and pulse reading, that can give a very good analysis of organ, endocrine system, and lymphatic function, without expensive tests. MD’s are also indoctrinated to think there are no peer-reviewed, double-blind herbal studies and journals, with well-designed studies, when in fact, they exist all over the world, including two journals that I know of in America, HerbalGram, and Alternative Therapies. Herbalists who know herbs well, scientifically, experientially, and with well-founded intuitions about them, are often more dependable than pharmaceutical studies biased by being paid for by the companies hoping to profit from that drug, and documented collusion with some of the prominent medical journals. Pharma drugs kill thousands of people a year, and create symptoms requiring the use of yet more drugs, often without effecting the underlying cause of symptoms, while herbs typically create few bad side effects if correctly used, as a WHOLE herb, and deaths attributed to herbs, usually incorrectly used, is one or two, often calling for discontinued use of a very effective herb because of misuse.
I’m a general practitioner (and avid gardener) in the uk and I often have this conversation with patients too!
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This can be a very heated subject, but it has been my experience that when there are two strongly opposed sides, the truth lies somewhere in between.
You don’t like it, because it shows herbal medicine works, and you are against herbal medicine. What sounds more reliable: a study that give 30 people herb X or a study that compares 10 people with herb X, 10 people with modern medicine Y, and 10 people with placebo Z.
This means the people in the study (and in really good studies the people giving the medicine are included in the blinding) do not know if they are in the herbal medicine group, the modern medicine group, or the placebo group. The book may say, “It has been used for hundreds of years for…”, or “according to this herbal medicine specialist…” or “patient X used it for this disease…”  Where is the proof? There is a huge jump to say it will work in a human body the same way it worked in a petri dish. Handle it the wrong way before it is heated, and you will understand why it it called Stinging Nettle.
One plant when grown in certain conditions may help treat a certain medical ailment, and the same species when grown in different conditions may do nothing for that ailment. This is why I believe certain well-designed research studies show an herbal medicine is effective when another equally well-designed study, but using a different source for the herb, shows the same herbal medicine is ineffective. It takes good research, great record keeping, and usually quite a bit of time and experience to know which plants will produce which bioactive compounds under which conditions.

The Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines is one example of an exhaustive reference, but one of the best out there. My advice is to grow your herbs in different micro-climates on your land and see which ones are better at treating the condition they are traditionally known for and you are trying to treat.
Of course many of the herbals do work, but the exact dosages required for therapeutic results are hard to pin down. Herbs were used for thousands of years nibbled fresh, or in tea, honey, wine, beer or vinegar, or soup, and only more recently, in tinctures or glycerites. Many herbs can treat a sore throat, but one caused by post-nasal drip from allergies, or from a fungal infection in the mouth, or a lack of good dental hygiene would be treated differently than one caused by a virus.
They often site, as do many herbal books, great research done in Asia and in Europe, as well as under-funded research done here. As a veterinarian & beginning permie, I am looking for effective herbs that do no harm for multiple species other than humans.
There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I understand and some of them I don’t, but it would be foolhardy of us to dismiss herbal medicines as a whole. As we go through our medical education, there are the random comments by some pious educators talking negatively or flat out mocking herbal medicine or those who use it. There are a lot of reasons why this is, and if you really want to know, I can give you a more detailed answer. Who cares if it has been used for hundreds of years by the most well respected Chinese herbalists? If that is all the “research” you have, I would be very careful about using it, and I would never recommend it to others.
Since there is no government organization (not that we need another one!) to monitor herbal medicine content (remember, they are sold as food, not medicine), there is no guarantee that what is on the label is actually in the bottle.
We would be able to go to the store and buy the herbs we cannot grow ourselves and trust what was on the label.
If they have no good reasons, which likely means that physician an anti-alternative medicine type of person, then consider finding a new physician. In the next few weeks, I will be writing about plants that are effective as herbal medicines, how to grow them and how to safely use them.
A good herbalist may probe deeper to find if that person had been having a hard time expressing things verbally, (Dr.
The European E -monographs were all thoroughly researched, and are, from most herbalists standpoints, very conservative in their claims. TradersCity does not verify truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, nor legality of any businesses, services, and leads posted here. They are good people using their scientific brains to try and beat diseases the best they can.
Sometimes severe complications develop, including death. Depending on the severity of the ailment, sometimes the risk of the medicine is worth the risk of the side effects or complications.
Double blinding is where the subject and researchers do not know (until after the study is done). They used it to describe all the geographical components of the land their grapevines grow to produce great, good, or bad wine.

If they can give you a reason with evidence to support it, then strongly consider taking their advice.
If there were a way to capitalize more (make protected money) on herbals the testing would be there. The US military is actually training some of their docs on how to use it… it is a year long course. TradersCity does not represent Sellers or Buyers in any transaction between users of the website and is unable to make any opinion in regard to their performance in any transaction. Also, we occasionally see people get really sick or who die because they were relying solely on herbal medicines for treatment of their medical conditions. I must add, that the amount of high quality research into herbal medicines is growing quickly each year. The researchers went out and bought a bunch of bottles of herbal medicines from different companies and from different stores across the U.S.
In the future, things such as proprietary delivery systems and what not may increase the market and legitimacy of herbals. They would also look at secondary symptoms, like digestive upset, lymph congestion, sinus infection, etc to find the herb or combination of herbs to most help that person’s constitution and symptoms. The vast majority of the time, these people are either very anti-establishment types (and wear a tinfoil hat to keep the government from reading their minds) or, sorry to say, are not the sharpest tool in the shed. If it is believable, and preliminary studies (good research) shows there may be something to it, drug companies often jump into the game and try to isolate the chemical in the herb that is working.
The results showed that about 70% of the bottles did contain at least some form of the plant. But, for now, the most important thing in any herbal or heavy vitamin users mind should be ALWAYS DISCLOSE USAGE TO YOUR PHYSICIAN OR SURGEON. Or, you can grow the same grape variety in a completely different terroir, and the grapes would make terrible wine.
It may have been the root or leaves or flowers; however, most samples did not specify which part. I’ve seen things such as cardiologists have a BIG PROBLEM with stopping bleeding rates on the table due to ginkgo biloba usage and failure to disclose.
These reasons generally cause a lot of physicians to remain, at the minimum, very skeptical about herbal medicine. I would love for the research to be done by people other than the drug companies so that the information would be more readily shared.
People can die from the wrong dose, the wrong application, from a contaminant, from mistaking one herb for another… the list goes on. The study also showed that 30% of the samples did not even contain the herb that was printed on the bottle! Since the vast majority of research into medicine is done, or at least funded, by drug companies, and they have no interest in a specific herb since there is no return of investment, then little research is done on it.

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