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Preventing parasites is always a goal, but since they are so small and clever, the best parasite cleanse program to follow is a periodic herbal cleanse of the whole body, which is designed to expel them along with the toxic material on which they may have been feeding. If you know exactly what you are fighting, there are certain herbal parasite cleanse programs that particularly target a parasite species more than others.
Nature Sunshine Products are the only Herbal and Vitamin Supplements that I have used for myself and my family for over 10 years now.
Tiao He Cleanse One of the finest over-all and convenient parasite cleanse programs for the whole body is called the Tiao He Cleanse. DISCLAIMER: The statement's made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The presence of glands in the nose lining produces mucus that helps to kill all the bacteria and viruses before they enter into the body and can lead to serious infection. When the body produces more mucus than required by the body then it becomes more spectacular. This condition is troublesome and is usually caused by allergic reactions, hay fever or cold and flu.
Ginger has very good anti-inflammatory properties and it can safely be taken in the form of tea. Stinging Nettle is a beneficial herb for the treatment of hay fever and when the hay fever is treated then you will get some relief from the post nasal trip. This herb also helps to decrease the sneezing and irritation in the nose that leads to increase in the post nasal drip. Eucalyptus herb loosens the mucus in the respiratory system and precludes the possibility of infection and it acts as an effective antiseptic. Post nasal drip, commonly known as runny nose is one of the most common problems often caused by seasonal allergies, flu, cold, hay fever and irritants. But herbal remedies prove to be very effective in treating this medical condition without causing any significant side effects.
This herbal remedy is considered to be very effective in treating post nasal drip in both kids and adults.
You can easily make ginger tea by grating a teaspoon of raw ginger and mixing it directly to the boiling water.

Eucalyptus is a significant herb that works as an expectorant in treating the congestion due to post nasal drip.
Echinacea is a powerful herb that helps in stimulating the immune system, which in turn aids in combating different infections. The mucus is not much noticeable as it amalgamates with the saliva and splashes in the back of the throat and swallowed slowly and throughout the day. This mucus comes out of the nose in the form of a runny nose and when it goes to the throat through the back of the nose then it is known as post nasal drip. This problem sometimes is so severe that it becomes difficult to treat but nature has given some herbs to heal it. It has a strong astringent that helps to give relief from the congestion and helps the body to get rid of the excess mucus in the nose.It has a very bitter taste but it gives a good taste in cooked food.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Many times, it may become difficult to cure this condition without causing a side effect. A number of medicines tend to cause one or the other side effects in the process of curing the post nasal drip. Make sure you begin consuming the herbal remedies upon consulting an expert herbalist only.
Its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating post nasal drip naturally without any use of other pharmaceutical medicines. You can prepare or buy eucalyptus oil and use it as an inhalant along with steam for clearing the mucus present in the respiratory passage.It is one of the oldest herbs used for curing post nasal drip. It contains essential properties of an astringent that helps in relieving stuffiness caused due to post nasal drip. But make sure that the preparation that you take of this herb does not contain any pyrrolizidine alkaloids as this compound can damage the liver.However, you can take this herb in the form of Ethanol (alcohol) or lipophilic (oil) extractions and it is not recommended to take in the form of tea or infusion.
The water in which ginger is boiled in water for a few minutes should be taken hot to get rid of this problem.

You can take the freeze dried form of stinging nettle in tea or add it as a topping in food preparations. You can take the tea made by boiling eucalyptus leaves in the water can be used for doing gargles. You may also need to consult your physician before you take the herbs for curing post nasal drip.
It is bitter in taste but very powerful in curing the allergy symptoms like post nasal drip. Drinking ginger tea regularly for a couple of days can reduce the problems related to post nasal drip significantly.
Also, eucalyptus capsules are available in the medical stores that can be used for clearing the nasal passage just by smelling them. You can take some peppermint oil and mix it with honey and consume it to get some immediate relief from nasal congestion. The excess mucus will run away from your body if you will inhale the steam from the water containing leaves of the eucalyptus.
Some of the important herbal remedies for curing post nasal drip include butterbur, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, Echinacea and magnolia flower. Some people take eucalyptus in combination with other herbs like gentian root, primsome flowers and elder flowers.

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