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10 Arthritis Herbal Remedies that you can make yourself at home to treat arthritis pain naturally. Arthritis, a chronic condition that causes inflammation of the joints, is one of the most common diseases around. In order to find herbal remedies for arthritis that work for you, it’s important to understand what arthritis is and what are the symptoms for arthritis. Here are some herbal remedies for arthritis that will help treat the pain and swelling of your joints and muscles.
Drink one serving of alfalfa tea twice a day, one of the more popular arthritis herbal remedies you can try at home. Drinking 2 tsps of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 tsps of honey in a cup of warm water once a day relieves arthritis inflammation. In a hot (but safe!) bath, rub warm extra virgin olive oil on your joints to help with arthritis pain.
Combine 1 tbs cod liver oil to one cup of orange juice and drink at night before going to bed.
Eat one raw clove of garlic every day for two months to help lessen arthritis pain long-term. Drink a cup of ginger tea every day to reduce inflammation in the joints and help flush toxins from your system that contribute to arthritis.
These are a few popular herbal arthritis remedies that are less expensive than prescription medication, and a good solution to those looking to find natural arthritis cures to try. The Centers For Disease Control & Prevention report that women and people who are obese are more likely to experience arthritis than men who are of a healthy weight. It is an auto immune system disorder that causes your immune system to attack the synovium (lining) of your joints. Osteoarthritis is characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage that covers and protects the ends of your bones. There is no cure for arthritis, so treatment is aimed at mitigating damage and reducing pain. Herbs can be added to your daily diet as tea, as seasoning in foods and in topical preparations.
Turmeric is also known as curcumin, and it has been the subject of a number of clinical studies that prove that this spice has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is beneficial to your health in every aspect; however, for the purposes of this article we will focus on its benefits in relieving arthritis pain. It is also the main component in curry mixes, so simply adding more curry dishes to your diet can also add a healthy dose of curcumin. While fresh, raw garlic has the greatest anti-inflammatory properties, it is also advisable to simply add more garlic to the foods you cook and eat. To get the greatest anti-inflammatory benefits from garlic, you should eat two or three raw cloves of garlic a day on an empty stomach.
Like garlic oil, ginger oil can also be applied topically to painful areas for relief of swelling and inflammation. The reason for this is that it contains polyphenols that have very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
These may act to suppress your immune response and prevent the immune system from attacking the lining of your joints. It is very easy to add green tea to your diet because it is a popular beverage that is readily available as a loose tea or in teabags.
This causes a reduction of inflammation and reduces the damage caused by free radicals in your body. Licorice is available as a tasty bagged tea, or you can prepare your own tea by steeping a teaspoon of dried licorice root powder in a mug of boiled water.
In fact, remember that any time you prepare tea it should be covered while steeping to hold in all of the valuable properties and flavor. Licorice is also available in capsule form; however, you must be sure to check with your doctor or other healthcare professional before taking it in a concentrated form.
Studies have shown that cinnamon extract is very useful in reducing redness, swelling and stiffness in the joints. Make a tasty, warming beverage to enjoy first thing in the morning by mixing half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a tablespoon of honey in a mug of warm water. This common weed packs powerful anti-inflammatory properties and delivers a remarkable dose of valuable minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Stinging nettle grows in the wild almost everywhere, but collecting it yourself comes with certain hazards.
This is a natural analgesic, and in fact original aspirin was sourced from white willow bark. One very enjoyable aspect of using herbs for healing is creating and enjoying flavorful herbal teas. If you are using an herb that must be steeped for a lengthy period of time, you may wish to put your cup in a warm place (e.g. It is important that you understand that most herbs work to reduce inflammation and swelling by thinning the blood and increasing circulation.
If you are taking a medication that performs these functions, using herbs could be quite undesirable.

While herbs in small amounts are generally innocuous, they can contraindicate certain medications, and they can aggravate certain conditions.
Be sure to talk with your doctor or other healthcare professional before adding herbs to your health care routine.
Arthritis is a common chronic disease affecting men and women alike, throughout the world, especially the elderly people. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a kind of Arthritis that affects the joints and causes inflammation in the lining of joints and internal organs.
Though the exact reason for this disease is unknown, immunologists claim Rheumatoid Arthritis to be an auto immune disease which could also be inherited. Shallaki (Boswella Serrata): This herb, also known as Boswella, is a herb found in India and has been used by Ayurvedic physicians over the years for treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis. Ashwagandha (Withania Somniferum): Ashwagandha root is a holistic medicine of Indian origin, belonging to the potato family, which has been used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ginger (Zingiber Officinale): Ginger root, is also one of the safest and simplest herb used in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks its own body parts mistakenly. Native to India, Boswellia herb contains boswellic acids that block chemical reactions that lead to inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Although may not be as fast and effective as the conventional medicines, it surely does not have side effects like gut irritation, otherwise induced by pain killers. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that heal the terrible pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
It has strong detoxifying properties and hence prevents uric acid from building up in the stomach. Native to southern Africa, this herb contains iridoid glycosides named as harpagosides that are formed in the plant’s secondary root. This herb has strong anti-inflammatory properties that prove effective against rheumatoid arthritis. It has fresh flowers, which mixed with oil, form red oil that has strong analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This herb contains saponins (phytochemicals) that disable the endotoxins present in the bloodstream of patients of rheumatoid arthritis.
This particular herb works in a similar fashion to aspirin in treating inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. It has amazing capability in reducing inflammation that makes it a first-grade herb for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
This herb has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that heal symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This powerful oil has strong analgesic properties and quickly heals away the terrible pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. While prescription medication is available, it’s also very expensive for some people.
Many herbal remedies use similar ingredients to treat a wide variety of health problems due to the similar symptoms. Not only does raw garlic naturally treat arthritis pain, it also helps with stomach problems. There are many different kinds of arthritis (over 100) and in the United States alone over 50 million adults and approximately 300,000 children have been diagnosed as having some form of arthritis. It can negatively impact your range of motion and your ability to perform everyday activities. Clinical research and anecdotal experience point to efficacy of a number of herbs for this purpose. Here are ten of the best herbs to add to your daily routine to prevent and ease the pain of arthritis. Turmeric is the number one top herb for helping with arthritis symptoms and for improving overall good health. It is a mild and flavorful kitchen spice that can be easily added to a wide variety of dishes. If not, be sure to break them open to release their beneficial properties and then swallow them whole. Garlic oil can also be applied topically to painful areas to help reduce inflammation and pain. Green tea is an excellent health tonic that has been shown to have some success in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
Licorice and roasted licorice extract have also been shown to be quite effective in both the prevention and treatment of chronic, acute inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Cinnamon is a very flavorful and popular spice that has very valuable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
It is tasty on toast, in oatmeal, in baked goods and in a wide variety of other food applications.
Additionally, you might enjoy stirring your green, licorice, or ginger tea with a cinnamon stick for added benefits and flavor! Stinging nettle is a surprisingly beneficial herb for overall good health, and it is especially effective in treating arthritis.

Research indicates that ingestion of white willow bark in the form of tea or supplement can help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis.
Boswellia is a lesser-known herb that has been clinically proven to be very effective in treating inflammatory disease. Cover the mug and allow the tea to steep for 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the type of herb you are using. Simply measure the herbs into the tea ball and steep the tea as you would when using a teabag.
This is especially true if you have problems such as high blood pressure or if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. Experts in the field of Ayurveda are of the opinion that Arthritis is caused due to the accumulation of toxins in the joints (called amavata? in Ayurveda). Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis include joint inflammation, swelling, stiffness, pain and difficulty in moving the affected body part. Extract of Boswella reduced pain, swelling and morning stiffness when administered to those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Apart from treating Arthritis, it is also used in treating high blood pressure, diabetes and other immune dysfunctions. It inhibits the inflammation producing enzymes and provides relief from skeletal and muscular pains. Prolonged condition of rheumatoid arthritis has adverse effect on the health of kidneys and lungs. Hence it treats the disorders of gout that is closely associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It is a well known remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disorders, pancreas disorders, stomach disorders, gallbladder problems, skin disorders and fever. It specifically heals the inflammation of lining of the stomach caused by extended use of conventional pain-relieving drugs like NSAIDs. It is also an effective antidepressant that relieves anxiety and depression associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Along with abundant anti-inflammatory compounds, stinging nettle contains essential minerals like boron, silicon and calcium that boost the health of bones thereby making them stronger.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Did you know that there are herbal remedies for arthritis that you can make yourself using common household ingredients? Make sure to check with your doctor for allergies or interactions with any of your current medication first. It has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to be extremely helpful in combating the pain and swelling of arthritis. You can also purchase dried ginger to prepare as a tea (or purchase ginger tea in teabags). As always, be sure to talk with your healthcare professional before adding boswellia to your daily routine.
Usually starts with pain in wrists and feet and may spread to neck, knees ankles, hips or shoulders. Due to the high anti-inflammatory property of this herb, it inhibits substances causing inflammation, speeds up formation of cartilage, and increases blood supply. However, there is no concrete evidence if boswellia can slow down the progression of this disease. Its use should be restricted to not more than 12 weeks or as is specified by health practitioner. Also, it does not have side effects such as gastronomic disorders unlike traditional pain relievers like aspirin. It reduces the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting prostaglandin production. This inflammation may result in production of enzymes that could cause damage to bones or cartilage, thereby restricting movements and even causing joint deformity. Apart from body pain, other symptoms include loss of appetite, excess thirst, indigestion, fever and general weakness of the body. The oil is to be applied (rather massaged) with finger tips around the affected area, two to three times a day. This is available in the form of capsules, and could be taken after consultation with an Ayurvedic physician. This is because white willow bark is rich in tannins that shield the stomach from any disorders.
This is available in the form of capsules and could be taken on consultation with a physician. Massage therapy can soothe stiff muscles and lowers pain by releasing muscle tension and thereby increasing blood circulation.
Arthcare capsules are an unique blend of various herbs and is proven to be safe and effective for those suffering from acute or chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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