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Supermarkets might sell organic and vegan, Boots might sell vitamins and minerals, but they do not have the range, nor do the shop assistants have the knowledge that is really needed if you want something specific.
The other day I was in one of their shops and spotted honey infused with blackcurrants; something you would never find in a regular shop, and am quite interested in trying it. The Health Zone cares about mind, body & spirit, believing that the best way to achieve well-being is through peace of mind. In the food isle you'll find a range of superfoods like seaweed, speciality bread, and ready meals for vegans like tofu sausages.
They have a huge variety when it comes to preserves, including several different fruit and nut spreads not found in most shops. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. We are warned about the dangers of high cholesterol, the benefits of vitamins and minerals, and the need for our five-a-day (all at the same time being bombarded with fast food joints around every bend). Holland and Barrett have shops all around the UK, and are Europe's leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Since the supermarket stopped selling the muesli I like, I have now started making my own, using Holland & Barrett's barely and rye flakes as a muesli base and mixing it with their dried fruits.

On the more indulgent side of things, the sell dark chocolate, traditional liquorice, and snack bars. It is the most expensive out of the three, but also has some of the more unusual (or at least rare items) available. I was going to put Julian Graves on the list too, but unfortunately that went into administration and all the shops closed down in August. I also have acupuncture and massages at the Health Zone clinic, which is downstairs of the shop. I could spend hours wandering between the groceries and supplements packed shelves, and I've been visiting these shops for almost 10 years now. You can't look at a supermarket shelf without a product advertising how healthy it is (whether it is or not).
The staff are trained and well experienced in the field, so are able to help find the right product for your needs. The clinic offers alternative medicines, reflexology, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy.
It may not be as big as Wholefoods or Planet Organic, but the customer service they offer is fantastic, and the staff and therapies all well qualified.

But if you actually want real healthy products you can trust, or you have particular dietary requirements, then the best place to get quality goods is from a proper health store. If you've had a long week at work, then you can ease those aching muscles with a massage, get revitalised with a facial, or spoil yourself to manicures and pedicures. They also sell cacao beans, cacao paste, cacao nib, cacao powder, cacao mass and cacao butter so that you can make your very own chocolate from scratch. They use a range of products that can also be bought in the shop, including arnica body oil, hemp lotion, and Tiger balm. If you ask me, that is a fantastic price (Sainsbury's dates are between ?5-?7 a kilo, and covered in vegetable oil).
No doubt you have seen the rather dashing Gethin Jones promoting BOGOF deals or Holland & Barrett's 'one penny sale'.

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