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I’ve recently had a yearning for Victory Vs, which is quite handy as my cold has now morphed into a throaty, coughy thing. Apparently these lozenges, which still have a very charming look about them, were originally made in Nelson in Lancashire (but no longer are) since the mid 1800’s and as well as liquorice, included ether and chloroform in the ingredients (but no longer do). I remember having a crush on victory v’s [ curious apostrophe, since they are plural]or perhaps it is victory v’s addictive lozenges! I used to suck them on the way to school in the 60’s [theres that apostrophe agin!] on the 197 bus from Kenley to Caterham. I always wondered how to describe the flavour but your suggestion of licourice which I hadn’t quite realised is probably why I loved them so much.
Surely licourice has to be the next blog subject what with all its northern and antipodean connections. I knew from that day that he’d make a pretty determined human being and so it has proved. Grays Herbal Tablets Grays Herbal Tablets are the working man's friends for cold nights and mornings.

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Maca herbal viagra tablet is traditional Chinese man’s nutrition for more than 3000 years history in south west China area, such as Yunnan province. Maca herbal viagra tablet is traditional Chinese man’s nutrition for more than 3000 years history in south west China area, such asYunnan province.
Grays Herbals are a hard boiled, aromatic sweet produced to aid in pain relief of sore throats and chests. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for getting the order to me so promptly - I managed to make my sweet bags in good time and everyone loved them, especially the apple bonbons!! My order of Chewy Chocolate Bon Bons arrived today, I was very pleased to see that you offer gelatine free sweeties. Just wanted to say thank you for the Candy Corn - you guys are the only ones who have it in stock at the moment!! My Grandmother used to eat Victory Vs and would, when I visited her as a young child, break them in half in the palm of her hand and give me a half. It was a test not to bite them but to suck them and keep them intact until they became the thinnest wafer.

These are 'The Working Man's friend for Cold Nights and Mornings.' These Sweets are great for the winter Season but they are so enjoyable that people buy them all year around! I used to love chocolate Bon Bons when I was a kid and since going vegetarian I haven't been able to find gelatine free Bon Bons! I think I worried slightly about eating so many, I thought they were mildly medicinal and therefore should have been rationed, I’m not very good at rationing! I look forward to adding these into my wedding reception favour bags and bringing a little touch of American Halloween to my UK wedding!
They have a unique taste and are very soothing!Availability: 32 in stock and ready for despatch! Whilst we have taken every care in preparing this summary and believe it to be accurate at the time this listing was created, it is not a substitute for reading the product packaging or label prior to use.
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