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Chad Michael is responsible for this fantastic looking packaging, he has created a more sophisticated look for the herbal remedy company, Herbalist & Alchemist. I edit most of them to get an idea of how they (maybe) could look like,but yes they are placeholder in the first place.
In case of the Vilkai and the Campaigns wich will come along with the faction, I represent a team of by now 3 Persons.
They originate from the Green Isle and migrated to Wesnoth under the leadership of prince Haldric.
Many people suffered from the onslaughts of orcs throughout year 2 YW and some were forced to flee.
Along with them went Denvan with wife and child, and all the other inhabitants of his village.

Having vanilla Wesnoth Sprites and your own flavor of portrait or vice versa is not only fine, it is great.I think you draw well and your pixel art is not bad at all, but I wouldn't have really noticed it if I hadn't seen your drawings and would like to suggest that you use these as the basis of your portraits. But still, it would be great to have some support with the sprites, especially with animation .. Over the centuries, a strong relationship evolved between this nordic folk and wolves packs. The very few other peoples who have knowledge of the presence of the Vilkai shed the rumor that wolfblood is flowing through their veins. Children become early involved in day to day work, barely 4 years old they help the women collecting wood, picking berries and searching for wild herbs. Starting at the age of 8, they learn to handle weapons, aged 14 the boys are taken on their first hunting tour.

While growing up they gain profound insight into the daily routine and activities of their people.CharacteristicsPerhaps there were times when mages lived with them – if so, they are long gone. The woodlands and hilly areas offer a variety of curing herbs and plants with healing power, and one or the other Vilkai studies their effects and is capable to deal with alleviation of diseases and cure of serious injuries.

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