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April 18, 2016 By Karen Creel 1 Comment Every year I try to add something different to my herb garden. They have pretty pink or lavender flowers in the spring, or garlic chives may have white flowers in late summer. I have a couple of different varieties of sage this year, and planted 4 plants, so that I could add some to my CSA box.  Both common garden sage and tricolor sage. Sage is considered a perennial in my area.  It is the traditional ingredient in for poultry stuffing but can be used with lamb, pork, sausage, and omelets.
Oregano and sweet marjoram can be just as invasive as mint, and can also be planted in containers. There are lots of other herbs to consider such as lemon verbena, lovage, lavender, tarragon, parsley, fennel, dill, coriander, and scented geraniums.  Try something different every year until you find what you like, and what works in your garden. Enter your email address below to subscribe to my site and get new content delivered directly to your inbox. By growing a small selection of carefully chosen crops, you will give yourself the best opportunity for success.
The garden has been largely left to its own devices in the last six weeks, and is thriving. We have lots of tomato plants, though a couple of them are hard-pressed to find sun around the enormous leaves of the broccoli plants. While I was away in May nobody dead-headed the roses, so the plants put all their energy into seeds and stopped blooming. This entry was posted in Italian food, living in Italy and tagged garden, Italian food, living in Italy on June 14, 2007 by Deirdre Straughan.

Oregano – This herb is an extremely popular herb, and it goes well with many different types of foods. Bay – Although it is a type of shrub, this is actually a very good herb for beginners to grow. It is a tender perennial, and even though I garden in zone 7 I have lost a rosemary plant before. It helps me chronicle my dreams, my accomplishments, and hopefully imparts a little knowledge for those who love to garden, like the simple life, or have hopes of owning their own business one day.
Whether it’s heirloom crookneck squash or ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes, the seed varieties available to home gardeners rival any farmers market.
If you’re new to gardening, it’s better to grow just five types of vegetables rather than 15. Both flat-leaf and curly varieties are easy to care for and grow very well without a lot of extra care. Although many of these herbs are hardy, they do much better when kept to their hardiness zones. There are a number of herbs that are great for beginning herb gardeners, and it’s best to start out with a few of these. Two extra sage plants since I am going to offer a CSA for my vegetable garden, and herbs will be a great addition. Similarly, going to a nursery and seeing row upon row of baby tomato, lettuce and kale plants can make it hard to decide where to start. Over time, you’ll learn which crops and varieties work best for your microclimate, taste and lifestyle.

Only three of the six zucchine plants survived: two at the bottom of the retaining wall, one in the main flat part of the orto.
It can do well in full sun to light shade, and needs rich soil that is well-drained but moist. Chives have been known to be seen growing in old gardens that haven’t been tended in many years! Hard in zones 5-9, oregano does well in raised beds, rock gardens, alongside roads or pathways, or just about anywhere! As long as you grow them in the zones in which they do best, most of these herbs will be very easy to care for, and shouldn’t need a whole lot of extra work to take care of them. It looks as if the latter plant will be more productive, probably because it gets more sun. These are generally more hardy plants that don’t require a lot of fertilizer or special work. Six or so eggplant plants remain after attacks by beetles and slugs – we had a lot of beetles this year, I’ve never seen the like in Italy! As long as basil has enough light and heat, and its soil is allowed to dry out between waterings, it usually requires little additional care. Just remember, bay leaves reach their full flavor when dry, so be sure to press them between layers of paper towels inside heavy books for a few weeks before you use them.

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