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Hi I'm Doctor Howard Goldberg from the Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Center in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Typically type one affects around the mouth and type two affects the genital area, but sometimes both types can affect either area.Recognizing Herpes BlistersThe clinical picture, however, is very similar for either type one and type two.

Namely one sees a collection of small blisters or vesicles on a red swollen base which are quite tender.
Sometimes there is some bleeding into the blisters and they have a purplish color from dried blood.Herpes OutbreaksThe first time that a person becomes infected with the Herpes simplex virus they have no immunity against it and the attack is much more severe and frequently is associated with a great deal of pain, fever, and considerable redness, swelling and blistering.
Subsequent recurrent attacks are much milder and usually last only a few days to a week, are only mildly tender and heal much more rapidly because the person has partial immunity against the virus.Consult a medical provider or dermatologist.

But obviously it's something that one would have to consult their local dermatologist to get further information on.

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