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Scope of Practice The goal of the Family Medicine clerkship is for students to acquire a wide range of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the recognition, understanding, and management of the common and unique health care problems in primary care.
Approach to Family MedicineFamily Medicine is quite unique than other areas of medicine as it allows you to build relationships with families, and get to know their concerns overtime. Please bear in mind that with most clinics using electronic medical records, the patient’s demographics, PMHx, FHx, and allergies may already be in the system. Sample NoteFamily Medicine clinics may use paper SOAP notes or online EPR resources to document patient encounters.

Editing provided by Jessica O'Neil, PA-S1, McMaster PAEP Class of 2015, was greatly appreciated. These learning opportunities arise in the context of long‐term relationships with patients and families across a breadth of health care issues, and it is the longitudinal, comprehensive nature of Family Medicine that makes it unique. Also, it is likely that in a GP’s clinic, patients will bring forward more than one concern. It may be useful for some patients to update their social history, or medication list during their visit. It is your responsibility to determine the chief complaint for the particular visit, and decide whether the subsequent concerns need to be addressed in the same visit or further appointments need to be organized. Patients’ conditions could range from common cold (pharyngitis) to acute myeloid leukemia.

Because Family Medicine encompasses a wide variety of clinical conditions and occurs in multiple different settings, not all conditions will be encountered in a single rotation. The purpose of the rotation is to develop basic skills in clinical assessment, diagnosis, and management, and to acquire the knowledge and attitudes that underlie Family Medicine. As their student, you may be required to attend their clinic hours, as well as, the hospital hours.

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