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According to The Guardian, the budget will go toward a plan that will introduce a carp-specific herpes virus into Australia’s river system. As reported by Fox News, the strain of herpes is set to be released in 2018 so the government can plan for the virus’ impact. The government hopes the virus will kill 95 percent of the river’s carp population over the next three decades, according to ABC News.

Would it be feasible to use funds to subsidize a manufacturer to capture the fish naturally with nets and use as pet food now, rather than cleaning up a mess later which produces disposal and health concerns? I understand these carp are a nasty invasive species and something needs to be done about them, but how can one do a story like this without mentioning myxoma? The myxoma virus was released to control rabbit populations in Australia in the 1950s, after populations had exploded.

Populations of the rabbit, also an invasive and destructive species, went down from about 600 million to ~100 million, but there was a subset of rabbits that were resistant to myxoma, and (myxoma-resistant) populations have rebounded since.

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