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EMW provides lifecycle Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA), Engineering and Installation (E&I), Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Force Protection Technologies in the fields of Health Information Technology, Cyber Security and Information Assurance, Perimeter Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure. With an award winning track record, we know how to manage your health IT operations, help desk support and medical systems integration. Our approach to cyber threats is comprehensive and risk-based through a holistic understanding of our customersa€™ information assets, potential vulnerabilities and threat vectors. We can design, integrate, deploy, and manage a full spectrum of sensors (video, infrared, and acoustic), access control systems, and countermeasure systems.

Recognizing the importance of applications such as telephony and collaborating services, we have developed strategic alliances to provide these solutions through our procurement vehicles. Our global presence provides immediate access to a resource pool comprised of seasoned and highly experienced staff highly adept at working in complex and difficult environments.
Our strong logistical and business relationships with strategic partners in all parts of the world, not only ensures the delivery of measurable results, but also facilitates the rapid and reliable response to any surge in customer requirements worldwide. Being adaptable allows us to understand what makes us who we are -- acknowledging the good and bad -- then use that understanding to our advantage.

EMW understands the importance of having a trained, certified, cleared, responsive and experienced IT support staff.
Through proactive management, qualification and recruitment of employees and aggressive upfront qualifying of candidates, EMW will have a a€?Ready to Goa€? workforce at the time of contract award.

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