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Once upon a time it was sexy, and if shot in the right light it can look sexy in movies and stuff like that, but really I don't think it really would enhance any feelings I might have for a person. I find smoking utterly repulsive, which sounds bad, but I don't really care if someone else smokes, and I'm not trying to get anyone to stop, I just wouldn't kiss someone who did.
Herpes is a viral disease which is caused by the Herpes simplex virus comprising of two types 1 and 2 also known as HSV-1 and HSV-2 respectively. As celebrities are widely loved and followed so people also like to know about what they do and what are they going through. This 30 years old damsel is said to have contracted herpes from the Derek Jeter, the American Professional Baseball Player from whom Jessica Alba had got infected.
I’m not so sure they understand How it works if they herpes also known as cold sores they can be hereditary also the sun, stress, cold weather, and even foods you eat can agiatate the virus.
I would hate to date someone who smokes regularly. Just looking at the teeth of someone who regularly smokes can make me feel as if it is repulsive.
I don't think I could date someone who smokes because the way a man smells is kind of important to me. Anwser is obvious: It isn't Cigarettes causes serious problems to your health, Anyone that could think this as something sexy doesn't take care of himself.
Celebrities with herpes suffer more than just the disease, but unlike the celebrities without makeup. Aged 33, this model turned actor allegedly caught this disease from her ex-boyfriend named Derek Jeter.

This 33 year diva had a prescription in her position which got public and this prescription was for a medicine used to treat Genital Herpes.
Personally I like the way it looks when someone is taking drags of a cigarette. Do you find cigarettes attractive? I have dated girls that smoked and they were always good about that stuff, but I could see how it would be a hindrance to intimacy though. I can't stand the smell and my eyes water if I am in the house of someone who smokes indoors. There are people in my building who smokes inside so the whole stair well n hallways smell like smoke so I purposely start coughing and hacking obnoxiously loud lol - i do that when I pass by people smoking too xDPlus- smoking has TONS of short term and long term side effects (like the other peeps were saying). Closer to break than make, but if I like someone then them smoking isn't that big a deal. I actually used to love it when my mom smoked (well, I hated that she smoked because it made me worry about her health), because she would sit outside and I'd sit out there and talk to her. When I see a handsome man smoking, it makes me think of those dashing big band singers from the old days.. I hate the breath as well. With that said, whether or not I could fall in love with a smoker has variables. Which isn't saying that actually smoking stinks, because in fact I quite enjoy the smell of second hand smoke (I do all my smoking second hand), but the smell it leaves on a person's clothing is just rotten. Given below is a list of celebrities who suffer from herpes and celebrities with stds except this real-life barbie doll. Utterly repulsive? Would you date someone who smoked cigarettes? If you are a smoker- Does your partner or previous partners smoke?

But once I get a whiff of him, NO THANK YOU. But, if I associated nicotine with a positive memory, who knows how I would feel about it.
If they did not smoke indoors, only had a cigarette once in a while, made sure their dental health was up, didn't try to convince me to smoke, and are able to keep the smell of their clothes, then sure. People belonging to different walks of life are affected by herpes, but the most noticeable people are celebrities.
I know that that is a long list that is difficult to follow, but I know people who smoke who do follow this. There are some that I had no idea they even smoked until they mentioned it over a year later. I forgot to say that high heels are stupid, pointless (you know, figuratively) and quite laughable. My whole life I have been around family members who smoke - although not my immediate family members - and I've come to associate the smell of cigarettes with good things.

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