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When it comes to female symptoms, herpes outbreaks can sometimes be clearly visible on the outside the vagina or hidden inside the vaginal wall. There are two major kinds of herpes – they are Herpes Simplex Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Type 2. Herpes has no cure – however the disease, its outbreaks, and level of contagiousness can often be controlled with drug therapies. For female symptoms, herpes outbreaks will generally last about three weeks, though will often shorten for subsequent outbreaks. In addition to herpes sores on or around the vagina, women may also get them on their anus, buttocks, vulva, cervix and thighs. The most obvious signs of genital herpes is the development of small sores in or around the vagina.
Symptoms can vary though and may include headaches, swollen glands, back pain, aches and a low, but sustaining fever. Of the people who experience an initial female symptoms herpes outbreak, approximately 80 percent will be faced with subsequent outbreaks later in life. Blog about the latest news and commentary pertaining to affordable health insurance and healthcare. It's easy to understand why most people are confused about the difference between a virus and a bacteria infection. The main difference between a virus infection and a bacteria infection is that antibiotics have no affect on viruses.

Although viruses and bacteria are different and not treated the same, they are spread in the same manner.
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Bangalore based polyclinic offering treatments in modern medicine, homoeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, healing and meditation, etc. For help identifying possible symptoms associated with this annoying disease along with basic information about the virus, keep reading. Type 1 refers to oral herpes, this is the kind of herpes that shows up on your lips and in or around your mouth.
It’s important for women, particularly those experiencing internal outbreaks, to not mistake a herpes condition for a yeast infection or pelvic inflammatory disease.
When you are sick, these two terms are often used interchangeably to describe what type of infection you have. A virus usually has more widespread symptoms where a bacteria infection tends to stay within one area, such as the throat. Please consult with your doctor or medical practictioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site.
It’s also often the worst out of any subsequent outbreaks as your body has not had a chance to build up antibodies to the disease. Because many of the symptoms listed above are common to the flu, it’s important to have them checked out by your doctor.

Learn the signs and symptoms of herpes and what herpes look like to help prevent and control this virus.
Further more will take a closer look at what herpes is, the relationship between herpes and pimples and finally we’ll look at what can cause pimples to appear. There is a misconception that herpes looks like a pimple although in the virus’s early stages it may resemble one as it starts as a red bump.
Strep throat, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infections are examples of infections caused by bacteria. They also have similar symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and cramping. In the beginning phases, when the red dots just start appearing, it can look quite similar to pimples.Stages Of Herpes Stages Of Herpes.
A virus may produce phlegm that is clear or cloudy, but a bacterial infection may produce phlegm that is green, yellow, bloody or brown.

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