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A Note about Slides for Training in STIs and HIV The second component of the PAC model notes that If countries have STI or HIV prevalence and available human resources, STI evaluation and treatment and HIV counseling and testing or referral for testing should occur.
Presenting Symptoms When a PAC client reports reproductive tract symptoms (pain, itching, swelling, sores, discharge), remember that not all infections of the genitals or reproductive tract are the result of sexual contact.
Presenting Symptoms (2) Often, people infected with STIs, especially women, have no symptoms.
Cervical Infections The cervix is the most common site of infection for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Chlamydia Caused by one of the most common STIs—especially among adolescents: –About 75% of women and up to 50% of men have no symptoms.
Lyphogranuloma Venereum The same bacteria that cause symptoms of chlamydia can also cause another infection called LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum).
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) An infection of female internal organs, usually affecting the uterus, one or both fallopian tubes, the ovaries and surrounding pelvic tissues. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Symptoms The primary symptom is lower abdominal or pelvic pain, ranging from slight cramping (mild cases), to intense pain in severe cases.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Complications The complications of PID can be very serious.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Complications and Treatment Infertility: When PID heals, scar tissue can form around the pelvic organs.
Recommended Outpatient Treatment for PID 24 ? Single-dose therapy for gonorrhea PLUS ? Single-dose or multi-dose therapy for chlamydia PLUS ? Therapy for anaerobic infections CoverageChoose one from each box (= 3 drugs) Gonorrheaceftriaxone 250 mg by intramuscular injection, or cefixime 400 mg orally as a single does, or ciprofloxacin a 500 mg orally as a single does, or spectinomycin 2 g by intramuscular injection Chlamydiadoxycycline b 100 mg orally twice a day for 14 days, or tetracycline b 500 mg orally 4 times a day for 14 days Anaerobesmetronidazole c 400–500 mg orally, twice a day for 14 days a When using these drugs, consider Neisseria gonorrhoeae resistance such as in some parts of Southeast Asia and Western Pacific. Genital Ulcers (2) If the exam confirms the presence of genital ulcers, treat at the initial visit, if possible (per local guidelines): –For example, in areas where both syphilis and chancroid are prevalent, treat patients with genital ulcers for both conditions to ensure adequate therapy in case they do not return for follow-up. Secondary Syphilis Symptoms ? Secondary syphilis: – After the sore of primary syphilis heals, symptoms of this phase appear. Latent and Tertiary Syphilis ? Latent syphilis: ? Is the period during which there are no visible signs or symptoms of the disease.
Bacterial Vaginosis can appear and disappear without any reason, and around half of all women with BV are asymptomatic (do not have any symptoms).
Preconception Carrier ScreeningLuckily, most women give birth to perfectly healthy babies, but as with most things related to health and medical science, not everything is predictable.
Preconception screening via a blood test can assist couples in determining whether or not they will have a healthy baby. Preconception carrier screening is a test performed by your OB-GYN Montgomery County prior to the you becoming pregnant to help predict your chances of having a child who possesses a genetic disorder.
These tests are available for limited types of diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, fragile X syndrome and Tay-Sachs disease. A carrier is a person who doesn’t necessarily exhibit symptoms of an illness, but can pass the gene on to his or her offspring. Your OB-GYN Montgomery County can help you determine if you are at a heightened risk of passing on a genetic disorder by way of your family health history. If you are pregnant – or thinking of becoming pregnant – and would like more information regarding preconception carrier screening and need expert advice from a reputable and personable OB-GYN Montgomery TX residents rely on the professional and caring staff at New Beginnings OB-GYN under the direction of Dr.
Don’t wait – call us today at (936) 441-8635 to schedule your confidential consultation.
You can work together from the initial consultation to the implementation of your own personal birth plan, and follow-up.
New Beginnings OB-GYN proudly serves the residents of Montgomery County, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia and Cleveland, Texas. Around this time you’ll have an antenatal appointment – either at a hospital clinic, community clinic, or your local GP surgery. If you’ve been feeling awful with nausea, cheer up because morning sickness is most likely nearing its end at this point. Your baby is protected from infection by the thick mucus plug that seals your cervix during pregnancy. Even if you do get a vaginal infection for any reason, sex won’t compromise antibiotic treatment. Yes, it’s fine to enjoy oral sex during pregnancy – in fact many couples treasure it if intercourse is unsafe for any reason. In truth your little one is blissfully unaware of your lovemaking and sex is not at all harmful for normal pregnancies. Whatever your stage of pregnancy, if you’re worried about sex the key thing is to talk through these issues with your partner. During pregnancy, blood flow to the pelvic region increases, which can cause swelling in the genitals, sometimes intensifying sexual sensation.
Lots of mums-to-be report that their clitoris is a bit desensitised whilst they’re expecting. Many couples also find they get more satisfaction from foreplay in pregnancy than penetrative sex.
Many pregnant women find that as their pregnancy rolls on, certain positions (for example missionary) become uncomfortable. Sit down to make love, perhaps on your partner’s lap while he sits on a strong, solid chair.
If you’re feeling both up to it and up for it, it’s generally helpful if you can keep lovemaking up as much as possible in pregnancy. With a Nuchal Translucency Scan (also sometimes called the First Trimester Scan), the baby can be seen in more detail.

The baby’s head, trunk, arms, legs, hands and feet can be seen and your medical professional will also look at the placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord. We know you want the very best products for your child, so our staff has chosen their very favourite to make your shopping just a little bit easier.
See our Events listings - from seminars on Fertility and IVF to Maternity support in your area. We've rounded up our favourite blogs from mums that are documenting and sharing their experiences of motherhood. Your OB-GYN Montgomery County also finds that the younger women’s self esteem is often hit harder by urinary incontinence, while older women tend to be more accepting of their condition.
Key concerns for younger women affected by urinary incontinence are family, sexual relationships and activities.
According to OB-GYN Montgomery County, urinary incontinence affects approximately 35% of the female population.
Sufferers of incontinence are often embarrassed and reluctant to get help, but attitudes are slowly changing.
We know it’s embarrassing, but if you want to discuss it, your life really can change.
STIs are part of a broader group of infections known as reproductive tract infections (RTIs). Telling a client he or she has a sexually transmitted infection can have serious negative consequences for the client and his or her sexual partners. A woman often becomes aware of the presence of an STI during routine screening or if her partner is diagnosed. Clinical manifestations and patterns of genital ulcer disease may be different in people with HIV.
Laboratory diagnosis of genital ulcer disease is rarely useful at the initial client visit and may even be misleading. The results of the test can help a couple ascertain whether or not to have children and allow them to consider all of their reproductive choices. Because of these carrier-screening tests, the occurrence of inherited conditions has decreased by more than 90 percent. In fact, many individuals who are designated as carriers of genetic disorders don’t experience symptoms. If performed before pregnancy, the patient will have a larger number of options and more time to make important decisions. Rania Ibrahim is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist with a Medical Practice located in Montgomery County, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Spring and Magnolia, Huntsville Texas offering services from Prenatal care, hot flashes, endometriosis treatment, uterine ablation, pap smear test, urodynamics, hysterectomy surgery, laparoscopic hysterectomy, laparoscopic surgery, endometrial ablation, hysterectomy etc.
All Rights Reserved New Beginnings OBGYN Specialist Texas Gynecologist Montgomery Obgyn Huntsville Obgyn Woodlands Obgyn Conroe Obgyn Livingstong.
If you were to stimulate your tummy he might open his mouth, squint and move his little fingers and toes! Here you can talk about any concerns and generally put your mind at rest and relax into the rest of pregnancy.
This is also the time that you’re likely to feel a bit more reassured and less nervous because after 12 weeks the risk of miscarriage is much lower. It’s common for couples to worry about sex in pregnancy but the good news is that if your pregnancy is normal, you can enjoy lovemaking right up until the point your waters break. You’ll be pleased to know that sex during pregnancy is not associated with miscarriage, premature birth or vaginal infections. The muscles of your clever uterus and the amniotic sac also work to protect your little one. But you need to make sure that your partner wears a condom to avoid infection at such times.
This is because catching herpes for the first time during pregnancy can affect your unborn baby. While some women report increased sex drive during pregnancy (especially in the second trimester) it’s certainly not at all uncommon to experience reduced libido when you’re expecting.
To add to this, you’ll be tired and perhaps nauseous, so it might feel like the last thing you want to do is act the sex siren! If you’re feeling confident and happy about the changes to come, you’re more likely to feel sexy.
For example lie at the edge of the bed on your back, knees bent, with your feet and bottom at the mattress edge.
This position keeps extra weight off your uterus and means you’re more in control of the depth and speed of penetration.
Research has shown many pregnant women experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction in this position.
It’s likely to help keep the bond between you and your partner strong at a time that can be stressful. However, it gives a better view of the baby at 13 weeks, particularly if mum is overweight at all. Your sonographer will confirm the date of the pregnancy and possibly inspect the nuchal pad of skin for any signs of Down’s syndrome. You can now catch up on all the seminars and speaker’s presentations here, which took place over the weekend of the 21st-22nd May. So whether you’re interested in the most popular baby names, or the best pram on the market - we've got you covered.

We’ve studied the style of your favourite celebrity mums - because we all deserve to feel like a star!
Rania Ibrahim finds that incontinence is a common problem in women but unfortunately, for some it also brings depression and other mental health issues.
In a study of the experiences of women who suffer from urinary incontinence, it was revealed that middle-aged women between the ages of 43 and 65 who deal with incontinence were more likely to be depressed than older women between the ages of 65 and 89.
Women who live with both incontinence and depression scored lower in all areas of their quality of life because of the impact of incontinence on their physical wellbeing. The most common difficulties women express about their incontinence are things like not being able to continue their physical activities, and these are serious issues for women who are still in the prime of their lives. The main cause in women is pregnancy, with the number of children they have elevating their chances of becoming incontinent.
Rania Ibrahim hopes that research helps to raise awareness in the community about both the mental and physical issues associated with incontinence. Not all RTIs are sexually transmitted; some may be the result of an overgrowth of the bacteria and other organisms that normally live in the vagina.
Having symptoms does not necessarily mean the presence of an STI, so a thorough evaluation is critical.
Despite lack of symptoms, a cervical infection can be severe if it reaches the upper reproductive tract.
The symptoms of chlamydia are a discharge from the penis, pain or burning with urination, or swollen and tender testicles. Abnormal vaginal bleeding (extremely heavy menstrual periods or bleeding or spotting between periods) is a very common symptom. In areas of high prevalence of syphilis, a person may have a reactive serological test from a previous infection, even when chancroid or herpes is the cause of the present ulcer. Rania Ibrahim, about three percent of newborn babies will unfortunately be born with a major birth defect. If the results indicate that that person is not the carrier, no additional testing is required.
She is an expert in infertility, menstrual disorders; abnormal pap smears and offers services in the latest keyhole surgery technology. Although remember weight gain varies in pregnancy and is dependent on a lot of different factors. Second trimester gain should be steady and third trimester gain will be most pronounced because your baby is growing so rapidly by then. And even though you might notice your baby moving around more after you orgasm, that’s only because of your increased high rate – not because your baby is aware or at risk in any way.
Your body is going through so many changes both inside and out, and many women report feeling less attractive or even insecure when naked around their partner. But if you’re experiencing depression or feeling scared about impending parenthood or labour, you’re less likely to want to make love. After orgasm you may find you experience some cramping in your abdomen because climax can set off contractions. Keep in mind that in this position penetration can be quite deep so you might need to ask your partner to go gently.
Recent studies indicate that middle-aged women are more likely to suffer depression from a widespread medical problem that they find too embarrassing to talk about: urinary incontinence. Studies show that 20% of the incontinent population suffers from depression, and this is something that we need to better understand.
In some cases, urinary incontinence can be cured with an operation, which can literally be a life-changing operation for many women. Chronic pelvic pain: The scar tissue associated with PID may produce chronic pelvic pain or discomfort because of the distortion of the pelvic organs. If the results indicate that the first partner is a carrier, the other partner will need to be tested. You’ll most likely get a lot of attention and people wanting to carry things for you (who said everything about pregnancy was hard?) Lap it up and enjoy any cards and presents.
Focus on eating a healthy range of food and get plenty of fruit and veg, starchy carbohydrates, milk and dairy foods and protein. Some men worry about hurting the baby or feel self-conscious about sex in the presence of your foetus.
Without prompt treatment, the infant’s eyes can be seriously damaged, even resulting in blindness. In utero: Chlamydia can pass from the mother to her baby during birth, infecting the baby’s eyes and possibly causing serious damage or even blindness. After two episodes, the risk increases to approximately 35%, and after three, the risk is nearly 75%. Ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy occurs outside the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tubes. Because PID can cause partial blocking of distortion of the fallopian tube, the chances of an ectopic pregnancy are greatly increased in a woman who has had PID.

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