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A radiograph of a horse's neck during a myelogram exam, which helps diagnose compression of the spinal cord.
Equine neurological problems can manifest in a variety of ways, including altered gait, incoordination, abnormal behavior, or seizures, to name just a very few. Our experts diagnose these disorders through a comprehensive process that includes a physical examination, routine laboratory and blood tests, spinal fluid analysis, and radiographs of the head and neck. Our facility is ideally equipped to manage the treatment and care of neurologic horses, with an Isolation Unit, padded stalls, an on-site laboratory to provide rapid results, a well-stocked pharmacy, and state-of-the-art radiographic equipment. As a fifth-generation horse in our breeding program, Spydermann represented high hopes for competing nationally in dressage.
Faculty members at the Equine Medical Center have conducted original research and published books and journal articles that have helped advance the field of equine neurology.

Levine J, Scrivani P, Divers T, Furr M, Mayhew J, Reed S, Levine G, Foreman J, Boudreau C, Credille B, Tennent-Brown B, Cohen N. But, as we were initiating his training as a yearling, we saw that heA’d occasionally stumble while on the lunge line. Traumatic fracture of the basisphenoid and secondary bacterial meningitis in a thoroughbred gelding. The clinicians there performed a thorough evaluation, which showed that two of his vertebrae were compressed.
The worms occupy the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes, and in chronic cases these worms lead to the disease elephantasis. Sullins counseled us about a very delicate surgical procedure that would offer about a 70-80% chance that Spydermann would improve.

I actually watched them perform the procedure and I was extremely impressed with the precision and teamwork of the surgical team. WeA’re extremely pleased with our experience at the EMC and weA’re so glad to still have this special horse in our lives.

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