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Acutely FHV-1 infected kittens display fever, depression, anorexia, and serous oculonasal discharge. A common secondary complication of corneal ulceration associated with herpes is symblepharon, in which the erosive surfaces of the conjunctiva and cornea adhere to each other (Figure 1). When a cat presents with fibrosed symblepharon and corneal scarring, veterinarians are often tempted to break down these adhesions to improve vision.

Scarification is often associated with symblepharon and herpes because of the phenomena known as corneal limbal stem cell exhaustion (Figure 2).
The ocular manifestations of herpes are common in young cats, but few older cats show both ocular and respiratory signs at the time of presentation. Oral famciclovir (A? of 125 mg tablet BID or A? of 125 mg tablet SID) inhibits herpesvirus replication.

Other medications that have been used to treat herpes include acyclovir, ganciclovir, cidofovir, and feline or human interferon.

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