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Dave Martin said he was stunned no one from Lake-Lehman informed the university of the wrestling team's health issues.
DALLAS — The Lake-Lehman varsity wrestling program not only has a problem with a second outbreak of herpes gladiatorum but it also has an issue with being candid with its neighbor.
Lake-Lehman coaches, who booked the facility, did not tell anyone at the university about its current health issues before using the facilities.
Lake-Lehman wrestling coach Tom Williams said the two wrestlers with cases of herpes gladiatorum did not participate in the workout at Misericordia. On Friday, Misericordia Director of Athletics Dave Martin was stunned and disappointed that Lake-Lehman used the pool facilities Wednesday night without notifying anyone at the university about its current health issues. Martin, who just finished running basketball practice as the women’s interim head coach, needed 15 minutes to collect his thoughts and discuss any potential dangers with his training staff.

The Misericordia training staff informed Martin that no one who used the facilities were at risk for using the pool after the Black Knight wrestlers.
Lake-Lehman officials also did not notify District 2 officials about two new cases until Thursday, three days since the second outbreak of herpes gladiatorum barred the Black Knights’ varsity from contact.
Lake-Lehman High School is currently set to host the District 2 Class AA Championships next weekend but District 2 officials have not decided if they will keep the event at Lake-Lehman or move the event to another venue. Misericordia’s athletic trainers told Martin that contact with open wounds is the most common way for herpes gladiatorum to be spread and no student is in danger for using the facilities in the future. Williams said he didn’t mention the second herpes gladiatorum outbreak on Tuesday night, when he booked the event, but he did mention the first outbreak when he called Misericordia a couple weeks earlier.
Martin declined to make any judgment Friday on whether Lake-Lehman wrestling would be allowed to use the pool in the future, healthy or with viral-skin infections.

He also didn’t want to say if the Black Knights would have gained access to the facilities on Wednesday if Lake-Lehman had first informed the university.
Martin said he plans to talk to university administrators and leaders before making final decisions.
Paul Long, a dermatologist at Wyoming Valley Medical Center, confirmed what the Misericordia training staff told Martin.

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