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The appearance of herpes can cause a general malaise, drowsiness or insomnia, headache, nervousness, decreased appetite, nausea, chills, fever or pain in the muscles surrounding the spine (which becomes stronger when reaching the head). As for the skin and mucous membranes, there appears a rash composed of small blisters containing a clear fluid. The frequent occurrence of herpes on one’s lips indicates a lack of iron in the body, which weakens the immune system.
Herpes is a disease that should not be ignored, as the virus in the body can lead to many complications.
Physical rest for 1 – 2 days, especially in the case of those with a weakened immunity system, those recovering from other diseases or children.
The daily diet must be composed of fresh vegetables and fruits (especially those rich in vitamins A, C and E).

Grease the area affected by herpes with calendula tincture (20 drops, three times a day), balm, propolis or oregano ointment. If the herpes affected your lips, coat the affected area with albumen (three to seven times per day).
In the case of genital herpes, wash the area with an infusion made of walnut leaves several times per day. Herpes is very contagious, its sores contain large amounts of viruses that survive up to seven days and which can be transmitted through saliva. If the organism is strong, having a good immune system, it will effectively master the aggression of the virus for a long period of time. In the first days of illness you must exclude from your meal the foods which contain fat, as they speed up the appearance of rash.

The herpes infections range from mild forms (the infection of the eye or lip) to severe forms. During the occurrence of the disease, the patient feels a local burning or even itching sensation.
If your body is weakened due to a poor diet, physical exertion, stress or successive exposure to the sun – the herpes will surely reaper.

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