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I found out my childhood cold sore virus had moved to my eye after a couple of misdiagnoses in 2003 – I was 29 at the time. After several urgent care visits, I was finally diagnosed with eye herpes a month later by the hospital’s ophthamologist, he prescribed me viroptic and pred eye drops.
Almost two years ago I moved a few hours outside of Chicago and I had only had a couple minor flare ups.
I find that generally people are scared to talk about herpes – but the majority of us have one type or another. This entry was posted in Buzz, Stories, Treatments and tagged Acyclovir, Herpes, Ocular Herpes, Valtrex by Yoshi2me. About 2 months ago i wiped my eye after touching a herpes type 1 outbreak and ever since then i am having pain behind my eye, burning, and just discomfort in general. I think since three eye specialists have ruled out ocular herpes…then you can rest easy.
I was diagnosed with ocular herpes almost 6months ago now and it has not gone away for more than two days. The only way to find out if what you have is ocular herpes would be to see an eye specialist.
Plus, these sores are still there on my tongue, which the dr does not tell me what it can be and I was tested for herpes and came out negative after 9 weeks.
One of the most important things we do over at our discussion forums is to let people know that they are very far from alone.
If someone was infected with ocular herpes, once it was cleared are you able to wear contacts again?
My site is for exchanging information, sharing our experiences, sharing our strengths, and sharing our hope.
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They say there is no scarring below the oter cornea, but I am not so sure since I really have not had my vision in so long. She put the dye in my eyes and said that I had two dry spots that were really bad, especially since I was still hurting with the dye in the eyes.
She said I can wear them again since it looked better, and I wore them for about a week when my eye became inflammed again.

So yeah, I dunno what is going on with my eyes, and I feel that it is related to the sores on my tongue since I had my fingers in my mouth, then washed my hands, and put my contacts in that morning this all started.
Herpes is not going to travel from your eye to your genitals or from your genitals to your eye. You are definitely over reacting here and should seek professional help … especially if there is something out there that would make you kill yourself. I would be appreciated if any comments about this medicine used by the participants of this blog.
In those cases the herpes simplex virus resides in the ganglia (nerve endings) at the top of the spine. So, when the virus reactivates it travels along the nerve pathways to your genitals, not to your eye. I strongly encourage anyone reading or writing in to make a list of questions that you have, talk to a doctor, and do not seek a diagnosis over the internet.
The oral antiviral medications really helped clear the inflammation and for me going back to looking normal, but I have excessive watering on the affected eye. I have gone to 3 opthamologists and they all said my eye is clear and no other primary care dr seems to know what is wrong with my eyes.
The other other thing that I can think of is maybe you are having an allergic reaction to something?
In addition to that you probably wash your hands when you are supposed to and practice good hygiene in a normal routine. Went to a doctor who was suppose to be a herpes specialist the place was so disgusting I thought I might have walked out with another disease.
And I don’t mean just burn, I mean where I would have to call someone in the room to help me get something to dry out my eyes it hurt that bad. She gave me some antibiotic drops (that I only took 4 times since I saw it was expired!) and to come back in a week for a check up. My eye doctor put me on antiviral drops and now my vision is improved and I’m better (not 100% yet, though).
That’s just off-the-wall and wreaks the fact that you need to talk to a professional. The herpes virus isn’t going to travel from your sacral ganglia all the way up to your eyes.

In fact, I believe I tell everyone whenever possible that I am not a medical professional and don’t play one on TV. I tell people all the time not to even look at the pictures of herpes on the internet because it is not realistic.
Then a week later again, it came back, this time with the burning sensation in both eyes from geting wet. If you would like to learn more about the herpes virus I have some brochures in word format that I can sent you. She explained all of the eye-related stuff, but I’m curious about other effects this might have on me.
Maybe you can make a listing of questions that you have so you don’t forget what you wanted to ask your eye doc. Maybe you can make a listing of questions that you have so you don’t forget what you wanted to ask your eye doc. There isn’t much information out there about the recovery time of the watery eyes after contracting this disease.
The reason I suspect is because of what I think or outbreaks my eye looks like an aligator and the pain is killing me.
I didn’t experience blurred vision, or sensitivity to light, just it burns when it gets wet, even with drops. FYI if you have ocular herpes and you are wearing contacts and you don’t have any serious problems then it is NOT herpes. All I can do is hope for a cure.God bless all of you and good luck with this viral illness. I’ve also had a migraine for about a straight month sense it first dawned on me that I have type 2 herpes.

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