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OverviewHerpes simplex, a common viral disease, is caused by two strains of the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The initial infection (primary stage) of oral herpes is generally asymptomatic and is acquired through person to person contact such as kissing. The stages of genital herpes are very similar to oral herpes with an initial stage that manifests with few symptoms and is less contagious.
For both genital and oral herpes, the dormancy period involves the virus "resting" within the nervous tissue around the initially infected area. Herpes is commonly diagnosed based upon the symptoms described above paired with frequent recurrence in the same area.
Once diagnosed with herpes, managing the disease includes caring for sores during outbreaks as well as preventing their recurrence. Since genital and oral herpes are extremely common in the United States, with an estimate of 45 million people or one out of every five infected, there are many places to turn for support. Viral infections or exacerbations are still the most difficult problem in medicine to date.
O herpes simples e uma doenca infecto-contagiosa cronica, seu agente etiologico e o virus herpes simples (HSV), que possui dois tipos: o HSV do tipo 1  (HSV-1) que ocore mais frequentemente na boca e o  HSV-2 que ocorre na parte genital. A transmissao do HSV ocorre  atraves das  superficies  mucosas ou das solucoes de continuidade na pele.
Alguns fatores que levam a reativacao do HSV sao: imunodepressao, alteracoes hormonais, radiacao ultravioleta (UV) e alguns tipos de alimentos.
As manifestacoes clinicas do herpes simples dependem, fundamentalmente, do local da infeccao viral, da imunidade do paciente e do tipo viral adquirido. O quadro classico inicial em ambos, genital e labial, se caracteriza por febre, cefaleia , dores musculares e fraqueza. O herpes labial pode ter como sintoma inicial coceira e ardencia no local onde surgirao as lesoes, a seguir, formam-se pequenas bolhas agrupadas como num buque sobre area avermelhada e inchada.As bolhas rompem-se liberando liquido rico em virus e formando uma ferida. O herpes genital tambem inicia com coceira e ardencia no local pode em que aparecerao pequenas bolhas agrupadas na regiao genital. O aciclovir e a medicacao de primeira escolha no tratamento do herpes simples, porem apenas o medico sabera qual a dose indicada para cada caso.
O uso topico do aciclovir apresenta poucas vantagens, por isso seu uso nao e muito frequente. O metodo de prevencao mais seguro para evitar qualquer doenca sexualmente transmissivel, incluindo herpes genital, e abster-se de contato sexual ou ter um relacionamento monogamico de longo prazo com um parceiro testado que sabe-se nao estar infectado. Ulceracao pode acontecer nas areas genitais de homens e mulheres nao cobertas pelo preservativo de latex.
Pessoas com herpes genital nao devem ter relacoes sexuais com parceiros nao infectados quando as lesoes e outros sintomas estiverem presentes.

SOBRE O IPPO Instituto Protetores da Pele e construido sobre a ideia de que o conhecimento pode salvar vidas e, portanto, democratizar a informacao e uma atitude essencial a promocao da saude. RECEBA NOSSOS E-MAILSAssine o Boletim de Noticias do IPP e saiba tudo sobre a saude da sua pele. PROTETORES PELO MUNDOOs Protetores estao espalhados pelo mundo, unidos pela ideia de promover a saude da pele da populacao. Oral herpes, commonly referred to as mouth herpes, is a viral infection of the mouth and gums primarily by the Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) but may also be due to the genital variant (HSV-2). Oral herpes is also known commonly as cold sores and fever blisters but is different entity from oral canker sores although canker sores may sometimes be associated with HSV infection. This can occur at any time in life but tends to recur in young adults and presents as a mild cold sore. Other signs and symptoms are usually absent in a recurrence unless the person has a co-existing infection like the flu (seasonal influenza).
Ask a Doctor Online Now!The pictures below were sourced from the Dermatology Atlas, courtesy of Samuel Freire da Silva, M.D. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.
Long-term prophylaxis of cold sores is indicated when you get cold sores frequently, at a rate of about 6 or more times per year. The doctor was very thorough.Also, now I know what do do the next time my problem reappears and know that it can be taken care of. A primoinfeccao herpetica e, geralmente, assintomatica ou manifesta-se atraves de sintomatologia inespecifica.
Estas bolhas se rompem, deixando feridas que sao extremanete dolorosas e acompanhadas de adenomegalia ( “ingua”) local. Porem outros metodos podem ser utilizados no auxilio do diagnostico como exames de sangue e o material colhido da lesao, que pesquisam diretamente a presenca do virus ou anticorpos produzidos pelo organismo no combate ao virus.
Desta forma, o uso correto e consistente de preservativo de latex somente pode reduzir o risco de transmissao do herpes genital quando envolve toda a area infectada.
E importante saber que mesmo que a pessoa nao apresente sintomas ela ainda assim pode infectar seu parceiro sexual, desta forma ele deve ser alertado do risco.
The virus HSV-1 may be transmitted by droplet spread – direct contact with saliva or even respiratory droplets. This is known as the incubation period and is the time during which the virus multiplies profusely. The exact reason why the infection may recur is poorly understood but it appears to be associated with one or more of the following factors.
The potential side effects of daily oral medication must be considered with infrequent cold sores.

O HSV-2 tem como via principal de contagio a relacao sexual ou atraves do canal do parto nas gestantes infectadas.
Uma vez que o preservativo pode nao cobrir toda area de infeccao, ate mesmo o seu uso correto e consistente nao garante protecao contra herpes genital.
O parceiro sexual de uma pessoa com herpes genital pode procurar fazer teste de sangue para determinar se foi infectado.
The infection of the mouth typically causes small fluid-filled blisters known as vesicles on the roof of the mouth (palate), inside of the cheeks (buccal muscosa), tongue, gums and even the lips (herpes labialis). These droplets must make contact with broken skin or the mucous membranes in order to infect a person.
Geralmente outra erupcao pode aparecer semanas ou meses depois da primeira, mas quase sempre e menos severa e dura menos tempo. Sores caused on the genitals are known as genital herpes.Herpes are contracted when kissing someone already having a cold sore. It may also occur on the skin around the mouth and extend to the nose and into the nasal cavity.
Most of the time HSV-1 causes mouth symptoms and in a minority of cases it may also be responsible for genital symptoms. This arises as the virus starts destroying cells at the site and causes intense localized inflammation. Embora a infeccao possa ficar no corpo indefinidamente, a quantidade de erupcoes tende a diminuir no periodo de anos. Herpes can occur in the genital area if a person has oral sex with someone who already has cold sores.
The opposite is true for HSV-2 – it causes genital symptoms in the majority of cases while only a few cases of HSV-2 infection will result in mouth symptoms.
These small vesicles or sometimes the larger bullae may either burst resulting in ulcer or heal completely with no scarring.
In some instances, samples of representative lesions are taken and tested for the presence of the HSV1 or HSV2 virus.
HSV-1 infection may be seen in all ages, including children, but when genital herpes is seen in children, sexual abuse needs to be a consideration.
Herpes can be passed to a newborn baby if the mother already ahs herpes during her pregnancy period.

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