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How Fiona Came to Live With MeI had a very difficult time getting a diagnosis and correct treatment for Fiona's cat eye herpesa€¦a€¦.I am writing this article to help encourage people to be persistent and to gather enough information and get second opinions and try different treatments if they suspect their pet has cat eye herpes. I was boarding two cats, Fiona and Max, for a young woman finishing college and waiting to get an apartment when she went to graduate school where she could have her cats.
So Fiona and Timmy had the run of the back half of the housea€¦they were sweet and easy cats and two years passed with my keeping a certain emotional distance a€¦.the family paid every month and inquired about their well-being.
According to the ASPCA, herpes is a viral infection that can be spread from eye discharge, nose discharge. When year three of the boarding started, the payments started getting later and the inquiries about the catsa€™ welfare less frequent.
Finding Expert Opinions on Cat Eye HerpesOh did I mention I was broke at the time and could not go to a veterinary ophthalmologist in the city. Other Recommendations: Cat Eye HerpesAll along we were following other recommedations for alleviating a cat eye herpes. FootnoteWe did not separate Fiona from the other household pets because she loves to sit with us on the couch. 2Cat BehaviorCat Aggression: My ExperienceThis article is about my experience and solutions to a cat who is very aggressive towards other cats. 3Cat HealthFeline Leukemia: The Heartbreak LitterThis article is meant to help raise awareness of the presence of Feline Leukemia in the stray cats. Around 1% of us are not adequately immune to suppress the virus, which lies dormant, and becomes active from time to time.

Recurrent episodes occur, particularly when you are run-down or fighting another infection.
These images show both the denrtitic ulcers and the keratitis with scarring and subsequent blurring of vision. The cat Fiona and her adoptive brother, Max, were kept in a spacious but separate section of the house. I emailed the family saying that I thought that unless things were getting sorted out soon I thought I should adopt the two cats. Almost as soon as Fiona became my full responsibility she began having constant eye discharge and then squinting bad in one eye.
All this time we were trying to figure out ways to reduce her stress because that can cause flare ups. None of the other cats has contracted herpes during these years but I do wash my hands after petting Fionaa€™s head. I will explain the difficutly diagnosing it in kittens and the terrible outcome of the disease. They have a characteristic branching appearance, hence the name describing their dendritic pattern. This can reduce the vision considerably, leading to more light intolerance and more discomfort. During those first two years Fiona had an eye discharge once each year that lasted only a couple of daysa€¦.I didna€™t think much of it because it went away quickly.

I looked and her inner most eye lids (the ones that close sideways) were pink and looked sore.
First I consulted a high school classmate, who oddly enough, happened to be an animal ophthalmologist and professor. The family agreed and so we opened up the house and Fiona and Timmy became part of the household.
Timmy was accepted by everybody immediately a€¦oh I had three cats of my own and had stopped fostering.
But I had a friend whose daughter-in law was an experienced vet, and she agreed to answer my questions.
According to the ASPCA reducing stress is very important so having enough space for the cats to spread out was our goal. All of this was getting worrisome because the more I knew the more urgent it became to get effective eye treatment or have Fiona lose her sight or possibly an eye. But all in all it seemed to be working outa€¦and there was plenty of room for the cats to spread out and not get on each othersa€™ nerves.

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