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SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF HERPES SIMPLEX KERATITIS It, but some people getherpes keratitis viral. A detailed history, careful slit lamp examination, and close monitoring of the clinical course will assist the clinician in determining the correct diagnosis and treatment for these challenging patients. Authentic HSV epithelial disease typically presents as a unilateral, branching lesion with little end bulbs, which stain very brightly with fluorescein.
Those patients will have associated findings of mental retardation and hyperkeratosis of the hands and feet.

It is important for clinicians to realize that a dendrite (referring to the shape) is not always the infectious epithelial lesion of HSV.
These patients are often placed on topical antivirals, which leads to delayed epithelial healing and persistence of this pseudodendrite.
A classic clinical observation is a scalloped-shaped boarder, not to be confused with healing abrasions and epithelial defects from neurotrophic keratopathy, which have smooth borders. Pdf version a new treatment fornov , Sensitivitymany people who get information about eye herpes simplexxalatan.

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