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Herpes is a type of virus that is contagious and may spread from one individual to another through skin contact. Some of the conditions that herpes virus groups may cause include cold sores, herpes whitlow, genital herpes, chicken pox, shingles, Infectious mononucleosis or Glandular fever, Exanthem subitum or Roseola and B virus infection.
Initially HSV-1 from the virus group may cause tingling or burning sensation around lip areas which can then be followed by small and red pimples which eventually turn into painful blisters. However there is good news that herpes can be effectively treated with simple and inexpensive natural remedies without causing any side effects to your body. Aloe Vera is very effective in soothing itchiness and repairing the skin after the outbreak of the infection. Vitamin E, Jojoba, Rose Hip, Hypericum and Calendula are some renowned essential oils known for their healing and skin restoration properties.
Lemon balm greatly aids in the healing of sores and blisters and also reduces the chances of recurrences.  It’s a great herbal remedy for herpes. Infection may spread even from a share of drink, food product or cigarette with the infected person.
Although symptoms of mouth herpes can be very unpleasant, there are also some symptoms that are so mild that you would not suspect that you have contracted the virus. Once you have had your initial outbreak, you will continue to have recurrent episodes as there is no cure for the disease; it only can be treated. Mouth herpes is extremely contagious; therefore, you should ensure that you seek medical attention, and avoid contact with persons when you have an outbreak.
It may appear on any and different parts of human body. Herpes is recognized by an outbreak of blisters.
Wrap an ice cube in a thin cloth or towel and hold it directly against the affected region.
Cornstarch also helps in preventing friction below waist and dries out any extra moisture in that area.
It is especially beneficial for scab that may form sometimes and any redness or tenderness left after sore has healed. Wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic materials.  As herpes is highly contagious it is advisable to keep some distance from an infected a person to reduce any chances of getting infected. Genital herpes spread by sexual contact if the genitals of any of the partner are affected. Use the simple natural remedies to cure herpes and follow the recommended tips to prevent contamination. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The type I herpes virus normally causes infections on the area of the body above the waist, while type II is responsible for causing infections on the area of the body below the waist. Well, it is through mucus membranes, saliva or cuts; and once the virus enters your body, it broods for approximately 4 days and then symptoms start to appear.

For those persons who do have symptoms, outbreaks usually appear in clusters of small red sores inside of or close to the mouth. Over time, the symptoms of recurrent outbreaks will become milder, and the only symptom you will have may be blisters. It may again reappear with sunburn or in case immune system is disturbed with other infections. Many women have also reported that they symptoms get mild with each outbreak which can be due to the natural herpetic antibodies produced by the body’s defense mechanism.
You can apply Aloe Vera to any area of your body even on mucous membranes and delicate skin.
Even though the type I herpes virus is the main cause of mouth herpes, infections above the waist can also be caused by type II of the herpes virus. Once the outbreak of symptoms is under control, the nerve cells of the virus travel to the top of your spine and stays dormant until something reactivates it. There have been cases where individuals have developed blisters at the back of their throats.
It may take two to four weeks for healing and then there is almost no risk of the transmission of the infection.
If the infection is located in genital area patient may experience muscle pains, blister, cut, sore, vaginal discharge, pain during urination, headache, swollen glands and also fever.
Ice pack works best when applied on the affected region before the appearance of the cold sores. Now saturate a piece of cloth or gauze into the mixture and use it like a compress on the herpes affected region. Remember never re-dip the cotton or the tissue once you have touched it the infected area as this may contaminate rest of the soda. When the virus is reactivated, it produces another outbreak once it travels down the nerve pathway.
You may also develop bleeding gums, aching joints, headaches, fevers and swollen lymph glands. Baking soda is very effective on herpes infection and helps to dry out sores and also soothe itching.
Your health, and your future, is really about making tough decisions that will inevitably help you. Anyone that suffers from herpes will prematurely age, especially if it has happened for decades. Mouth herpes pictures are available on the Internet, so that you can compare the symptoms you are having to those in the shown in the pictures. Sometimes it extends into adulthood, but a good portion of the herpes is during a person's teenage years.
If you see a person with lots of gray hair, this may be a sign that they have endured quite a bit of herpes. Causes include sexual contact, immune system suppression, and nutritional deficiencies.The most common form is herpes simplex which is a viral infection that lies dormant in the body until the immune system is weakened before coming to surface.

Much sooner than you would expect, you could actually be 30 years old, and notice that your skin quality is very poor indeed.
Type I usually breaks out around the mouth and is commonly called a cold sore or a fever blister.
Both are highly contagious and both can occur in either area of the body.Many people wonder if there is a herpes natural cure? In a ritualistic way, people simply deal with herpes like putting out a fire that will continue to reignite again and again. Many people will look back upon their life and wish they could change something to make it better.
Orange and red vegetables – These vegetables include bioflavonoids and vitamin C to help with healing. Many people become depressed when they look at their lives, realizing how dismal it is, feeling the weight of their failures. Wild-caught fish – Provides essential omega-3s to help with inflammation and tissue repair. Herpes is like an octopus in that it has tentacles that reach everywhere and affect everything. Try to get at least 4-5 oz per meal of a high quality, organic, lean protein such as wild-caught fish or grass-fed beef. Virtually anything you can think of that makes you feel negative can be equated in the same way. It can really take hold of your life if you're not careful, by the way, and spiral you downwards into depression and despair. Momentum will continue to build if you let this negative energy feed upon itself, dragging the deeper into sadness and gloom. It will take some energy and willpower on your part, but in the end, you can pull out of it. By deciding to do something positive and uplifting, you can start on the path back to higher ground.
All you need is a plan of action, and the determination to follow through, in order to make your life better. The responsibilities that we have, including our jobs and our families, will perpetuate herpes every single day.
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