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Since the pores are in such close proximity and since they become inflamed at the same time, they turn into large bumps below the surface of the skin.
I think mine looks similar to either the first picture of the cystic acne or the last picture of herpes, but i don't have a hand mirror so it's hard to tell.
It's more irritating than it is painful but I pretty much haven't stopped crying because I'm so upset.I just moved across the country (from Los Angeles to Philadelphia) for college so I'm really new to the area but I looked up a planned parenthood in the area and I'm pretty sure I can take a bus there. They occur predominantly in areas that have lots of active pores (hair follicles), moisture, and friction. I'm really concerned about the price because I'm only 18 and still on my parents medical insurance but I really do not want them to know. Cystic acne can slightly give when you touch it, especially if any of the pus has been extracted.I hope this helps, and I hope you feel better soon!

I also don't even know who would have given it to me considering I haven't gone past kissing in about 3 months, and I don't know how to go about telling my previous partners if and when my test results come back positive.If anyone has any advice or suggestions please let me know.
Even if you have herpes, it doesn't make you a dirty person, it doesn't make you less of a sexual being.
I've had skin-colored ones that never came to a head, I've had purple ones, and I've had red ones. Stressing out about it and beating yourself up is only going to make any symptoms you have (even if it's just a cystic pimple or a swollen gland or a fever) 20x worse. Trying to pop one, especially if it has no head, will spread the infection into the layer of skin in which the cluster was formed.
Because the bacteria that causes acne eats sebum (skin oil), trying to pop the pimple will only give the bacteria more food.

For the record, they are very similar to boils, except that boils are MUCH more red and usually have a lot of pus.
What you're experiencing could likely be a boil, I wouldn't know unless I saw it, but what I'm saying still applies because they're so similar.

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