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Because the person is not feeling any symptoms during this type of shedding, it is almost impossible to tell when they are spreading the virus to others.  So as you can guess, almost 70 to 80 percent of all herpes transmissions happen during these periods. Because asymptomatic shedding is impossible to see, how often it occurs will probably never be known. Most people are unaware that they are infected.  There have been studies done in clinics that have shown over sixty percent of women who are infected with the virus have never had an outbreak.  So are these women contagious?

Asymptomatic or viral shedding is very hard to determine, but some people can tell when they are going to have an outbreak.  They do not feel well, kind of edgy and get a itchy sensation right before it happens.
If you have dealt with the same issues, I encourage you to browse my website for tips and suggestions. It is known that both shedding with lesions and without occur about 30 percent of the days in the first 6 months after your initial infection.  After the six months it only happens  about 10-15 percent of the time.

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