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STD testing for herpes measures the amount of antibodies present in the blood for herpes simplex virus 1 and 2. STD testing for HIV can be done using a few different blood tests depending upon your needs and concerns.
The material on this page is educational and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Contracting herpes can be a very serious medical complication if is not treated properly, but most people assume they is only one form of herpes. The first version of this illness to be looked at is commonly known as a cold sore or known medically as herpes type 1. Herpes type 1 can be identified by a cold sore that will appear somewhere on a person’s lips, but it may also be found inside of the mouth.
Herpes type 2 will mainly affect the genitals of both men and women; this is because it stays dormant at the base of the spine.
Also, there are two other types of herpes that people can have that most do not even know counts as a form of the sickness. Today more of us are seeking out natural and holistic treatments when we have been diagnosed as suffering from a form of herpes.
Garlic is often suggested as a great herb that can be used as part of a female genital herpes treatment plan. Many health specialists may suggest using Echinacea to boost your immune system to a level at which it would be more effective at fighting off the herpes virus. There are a range of prescription medications that can be given to help treat the genital form of herpes.
If you feel a lot of pain from the herpes that it may be worthwhile considering a selection of painkillers that can deaden the sensitivity. In reality, there are several types of herpes that can affect people in many ways, but it can be surprising what can be considered a form of herpes. The next version of this terrible problem is generally known as genital outbreaks and it is known by others as herpes type 2.
The actual cause behind this is that the virus stays near the ears when it is in its dormant period before affecting someone.

Unlike the first type, type 2 does not usually spread throughout the body and it stays in the area of the genitals.
That first odd form of the virus is known as the chicken pox, which is a problem most people deal with when they are children.
Our FDA approved testing starts at $54 after discount, which is 50% less than a doctors visit.
With over 8000 testing and collection centers in our network nationwide (except NJ, NY, and RI), we now offer a fast and reliable prepaid service at a laboratory facility near you. Often referred to as HSV or herpes simplex virus, it is a condition that affects the immune system and often results in painful sores and irritable blisters. Though they do not require a prescription, most would simply help to minimize the flare up of the actual symptoms and conditions as opposed to eradicating the virus itself. As they have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties they are believed to be very effective at minimizing the extent of the herpes and reduce the chance of the condition worsening. This does not have the repulsive smell which is found with garlic and is known to have first rate anti bacterial and anti viral properties. For example your doctor may offer you a course of anti viral pills which would need to be consumed every day for a period of time. There are options available to you that can lesson the symptoms and remove the problem once and for all. Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination. They range from the versions of the disease that most folks already know about and they extend to an illness most people had when they were children. Oddly enough, both versions of this disease have a lot of the same symptoms and both are very serious to have. The amazing fact here is that the majority of people in America have some form of this virus, but it gets bad for most when it spreads to other areas of the body. Although the movement of the virus is a lot less than the other type, people still need to seek medical treatment if they suspect they may have it. That other odd form is called mono, which the majority of folks will relate to it as the “kissing disease.” It is amazing to think that these two seemingly random issues can be considered forms or herpes, but they actually are.

Each test is Physician Supported and includes a FREE doctors consultation for positive client. Visit the collection site location you chose after receiving your registration email and your lab results will be available in approximately 24-48 business hours.
If you have been diagnosed as being infected then you will want to known what the best cures for herpes available today are. Though certain factors can contribute to the development of the condition such as diet, exercise, and stress, finding a suitable treatment is not always easy. It would be best to take a natural remedy alongside other treatments to get the best possible results.
Unlike prescription drugs you will not feel any side effects from garlic apart form the odor. There are also topical treatments available that would need to be applied directly to the infected dermatological regions and can lessen the occurrence and severity of outbreaks dramatically.
If you or somebody you know thinks they have any kind of herpes, it would be in their best interest to seek medical help immediately. Although both have a lot of the same symptoms, the general consensus is that type 2 is the worst of that group. The key method to stopping it is to seek medical help before it spreads to other areas of the body, including the brain.
This bit of information can relief some stress for some folks, but it can still be a terrible thing to deal with. No matter what types of herpes anybody can have, it is really important to get treated as soon as possible.

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