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Herpes outbreak simplex virus (HSV) is a common, contagious infection of the skin which occurs on any part of the body, especially the genital and lip area. Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) - which occurs above the hip mostly on the lips and it can be represented by cold sores and blisters.
Herpes outbreak simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) - which can be found below the hip mostly on the genital area.
The blisters start to dry out this happens because they are healing which can take longer if skin is moist. The crusts forms and the dry areas start to fall off, at this stage the lesions is no longer contagious and the virus can be considered inactive. Latency - During this time (latency) the HSV shows no symptoms and it is not transmittable. Shedding - The virus is powerful at this stage (shedding), it starts to multiply in your body and it become transmittable even though you show no symptoms. Click on each link to view the AntiHerpes - SuperH Ointment Formula that treats the symptoms of both Oral and Genital Outbreaks.
Please note: We understand that outbreaks are a very sensitive subject and we will protect your privacy.

OverviewHerpes simplex, a common viral disease, is caused by two strains of the herpes simplex virus (HSV).
The initial infection (primary stage) of oral herpes is generally asymptomatic and is acquired through person to person contact such as kissing.
The stages of genital herpes are very similar to oral herpes with an initial stage that manifests with few symptoms and is less contagious. For both genital and oral herpes, the dormancy period involves the virus "resting" within the nervous tissue around the initially infected area.
Herpes is commonly diagnosed based upon the symptoms described above paired with frequent recurrence in the same area. Once diagnosed with herpes, managing the disease includes caring for sores during outbreaks as well as preventing their recurrence. Since genital and oral herpes are extremely common in the United States, with an estimate of 45 million people or one out of every five infected, there are many places to turn for support.
Viral infections or exacerbations are still the most difficult problem in medicine to date.
Most people confuse herpes outbreak simplex with herpes zoster outbreaks which causes shingles and chicken pox.

I didna€™t want to go to my local pharmacy or doctor and I surely didna€™t want anyone else to know.
Long-term prophylaxis of cold sores is indicated when you get cold sores frequently, at a rate of about 6 or more times per year. Your 100% money back guarantee assured me that if the product didna€™t work I would get my money back - so I bought it.
That is, we do not indicate that this remedy is for herpes on the label, ensuring your privacy. The potential side effects of daily oral medication must be considered with infrequent cold sores.
The first day that I used it I could feel a difference (Thank you for not specifing what contents are in the box). In some instances, samples of representative lesions are taken and tested for the presence of the HSV1 or HSV2 virus.

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