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Another possible cause of herpes on legs is direct skin to skin contact which is the hallmark of herpes gladiatorum. The hallmark flu-like symptoms are common in the initial stages of the illness with the patient having moderate to high fevers, colds and inflamed lymph nodes. Herpes on legs is less common compared to herpetic whitlow or whitlow which are lesions caused by the herpes simplex virus that occurs on the toes, fingers or on the cuticles of the nail. This type of herpes is the most infectious since it is transmissible by skin to skin contact. Lesions appear as small patches of rashes filled with fluid-filled blisters that are found on the legs, chest, neck and stomach. In a primary infection, lesions completely heal without leaving any scars however, the virus is will in the body and remains until it can find an opportunity to reactivate.

Medications such as Acyclovir may also be taken orally to prevent an outbreak of infection. Dress him comfortably and loosely taking special consideration areas of the body that has the lesions. Prevent contacting this skin infection from skin to skin contact and using dirty gym equipment.
Herpes whitlow may be due to HSV-1 or HSV-2 and is commonly an infection of health workers who contract the illness from handling infected patients. It is a skin infection that is commonly associated with contact sports such as wrestling as well as using unsanitary gym equipment. When these fluid-filled blisters burst, the fluid may infect other people or even self –infect other areas of the body and multiply elsewhere.

If you come in contact with secretions from blisters, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Seek help right away to prevent spread of the virus and severe complications like skin infections.

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