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PERIODICAL ASSESSMENT FOR TWO-YEAR OF SYSTEMATIC HOCKEY ACADEMY TRAINING PROGRAM ON AEROBIC CAPACITY Author: Mrs. Skin infections account for up to 10% of time-loss injuries in some sports and can cause serious illness. Several specific sports-related dermatologic conditions are caused by bacterial infection.(Figure 1). Three main viral infections that affect athletes are Verruca (warts), molluscum contagiosum, and herpes simplex.
Herpes simplex infection ,(figure 4) known as herpes gladiatorum identified in wrestlers, has been reviewed extensively.
Identifying infected athletes promptly and excluding them from direct contact with other wrestlers help to halt these infections.
Tinea corporis (figure 6) or Jock itch, dhobi's itch mostly occurs on head, skin and nails. Report all sores or concerning skin problems to a coach, athletic trainer, school nurse, or other health care provider.
Follow coach's instructions for cleaning and disinfection of shared equipment such as mats. Develop and implement cleaning and disinfection protocols for all shared equipment such as mats.

The basic know how about these infections are very important to coaches, managers, and athletes as well. Athletes represent a unique population who acquire skin infections more often than nonathletes. Baba T, Takeuchi F, Kuroda M et al.,(2002) Genome and virulence determinants of high virulence community-acquired MRSA. Belongia EA, Goodman JL, Holland EJ, et al.,(1991) An outbreak of herpes gladiatorum at a high-school wrestling camp.
Shahindokht Bassiri-Jahromi , Ali Asghar Khaksar (2010) Prevalence of cutaneous fungal infections among sports-active individuals .
White WB, Grant-Kels JM.(1984) Transmission of herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in rugby players.
A 16-year-old boy presents for evaluation of various lesions that have appeared on his extremities since he joined the wrestling team 2 months earlier.
This is due to the fact that HSV persists for life in a latent form (dormant) in the nerve ganglia.
Disseminated infections can result in esophagitis, pneumonitis, encephalitis, hepatitis, and adrenal necrosis. In late stages, necrosis of the epidermis occurs, and the viral changes can be seen only in necrotit cells. Herpesvirus simplex type 1 as well as Herpesvirus simplex type 2 can be demonstrated by immunohistochemical stain.

Athletes acquire infections as a result of their interaction with other athletes and with the environment in which they compete. We can help protect athletes from becoming sick or losing playing time due to skin infections. Tight-fitting athletic clothing seems to place the athlete at increased risk to develop molluscum.
Swimmer's itch (figure 8), also known as lake itch,duck itch, cercarial dermatitis, caused by water borne schistosomes. An athlete's skin is often macerated from sweating which provides a fertile environment for microorganisms. Furthermore, trauma inherent to sporting activities can create a disturbance in the cutaneous barrier which allows the microorganism to penetrate. Lastly, many sports involve close skin-to-skin contact which facilitates the spread of infectious organisms within and among teams. The most common infections in sports include bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, but parasites can also afflict the athlete, ( Brian B.

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